Muiron Islands (Exmouth), Western Australia

The Muiron Islands in Western Australia are a small group of sand and limestone islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Exmouth, a coastal town in the North-west region. The Muiron Islands consist of both a South Island, North Island and Sunday Island.

Fishing the Muiron Islands

The Muiron Islands are a popular fishing destination for those that visit Exmouth with a boat. Although it can take a while to get there it’s definitely worth the trip.

Where can you fish at Muiron Islands?

There are a number of sanctuary zones around Muiron Islands where you’re unable to fish, hence before heading out you should refer to the map on the The Muiron Islands Marine Management Area page on the Fisheries website.

Spearfishing at MuiRon

For those that are keen to spearfish, there are also some great spearfishing spots around the Island (be mindful of the marine zones)

Video by Adam Freediver

Whats the quickest way to get there by boat?

The most direct route to Muiron Islands is to launch your boat at Bendegi Boat Ramp and head over from there which will save you approximately 14kms. However, the Bendegi Boat Ramp is not always the best to launch at (depending on the conditions) hence the next closest ramp would be the Exmouth Marina Boat Ramp.

Fishing videos of Muiron Islands

Keen to head over to Muiron Islands for a fish? Before you do check out some of the below videos posted by our members.

Scuba Diving at Muiron Islands

Scuba Diving is a popular activity for those visiting the Muiron Islands. There are a number of dive sites around both North and South islands, with depths ranging from five to 50 metres.

Scuba divers frequently visit the caves that surround the Muiron Islands, particularly Sunday Island. The size of these caves varies greatly reaching depths up to 30 metres.

How to get to the Muiron Islands?

The Muiron Islands are located approx. 15 kilometres out from the North West Cape (Exmouth).

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