Fishing in Exmouth, Western Australia

Wondering where you can catch fish in Exmouth, Western Australia? Check out the below list of different spots depending on whether you’re land based of have a boat.

Fishing at Exmouth Western Australia
20kg Spanish Mackerel caught off Tantibidi

Land-Based Fishing Spots in Exmouth

There are a number of great land-based fishing spots in Exmouth. These include:

  1. Bundegi Flats
  2. Oyster Reef
  3. Lighthouse Bay
  4. Torpedo Bay
  5. Learmonth Jetty
  6. Pilgramunna
  7. Yardie Creek
  8. Exmouth Marina

Bundegi Flats

Bundgei Flats in Exmouth is a nice shallow fishing spot for wading through on a low tide casting out poppers, lures, plastics and stick baits.

Check out the Bundegi Flats page for more info on this fishing spot.

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Oyster Reef

Oyster Reef (aka Oysters) is another popular land-based fishing spot in Exmouth, WA. This spot can be hit and miss hence fishing the right conditions here is important. The prime time to fish in this area is on the incoming tide, towards a high tide.

Check out the Oyster Reef page for more info on this fishing spot, or alternatively select from the subheadings below:

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Lighthouse Bay

Lighthouse bay is another great land-based spot in Exmouth. Similar to the other spots there are a number of limestone ledges which is home to a number of different reef going species.

A Queenfish caught at lighthouse bay in Exmouth
A Queenfish caught at Lighthouse Bay (Photo by Northern Addicts)

Check out the Lighthouse Bay page for more info on this fishing spot.

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Torpedo Bay

Torpedo Bay is another great fishing spot located on the west side of the cape just before you get to the Tantabiddi boat ramp. Depending on your preference there are three car parks to choose from where you can pull up and walk down to the beach.

If there is a bit of a southerly wind blowing you should fish from the most northern car park as this provides more protection from the wind.

Check our Fishing at Torpedo Bay section for more info on this spot.

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Learmonth Jetty

Learmonth Jetty is another great land-based fishing spot in Exmouth. Located approximately 40kms south of Exmouth, this ideal fishing platform is a popular destination for fishermen chasing a feed.

Fishing Learmonth Jetty (Video by UnReel)

For more information on this spot check out the fishing section on our Learmonth Jetty page.

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Pilgramunna is another great fishing spot in Exmouth. Although this is a fair distance away from the Exmouth town centre, the drive can be worth it.

You can cast a line from shore both south or north of the main car park area and if you are fortunate enough to own a boat then there is a boat launching area that allows you to take your tinny out to fish the ningaloo reef.

For more info, check out our page on Fishing in Pilgramunna.

Yardie Creek

Yardie Creek is another popular fishing spot located on the west side of the Exmouth cape (inside the Cape Range National Park).

Aerial view of Yardie Creek in Exmouth Western Australia
Yardie Creek, Exmouth WA

You can fish from the north of the creek (Check out sanctuary zones on the fisheries website) or if you have a boat you can beach launch it to head out to fish areas of the Ningaloo reef.

Check out the Fishing section of our Yardie Creek page for more info on this spot.

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Exmouth Marina

The Marina just a couple of kilometres south of the town is another popular land-based fishing spot.

There are a few spots to fish from within the marina including the purpose-built fishing platform, in and around the jetties and off the rocky walls of the marina breakwaters.

For more info check out the Fishing section of our Exmouth Marina page.

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Boat fishing spots in Exmouth

If you’re fortunate to be visiting Exmouth with a boat then count yourself lucky as Exmouth has some awesome boat based fishing spots.

The Exmouth Gulf

The Exmouth Gulf is a massive Indian ocean inlet to the right of the northwest cape.

Covering an area that stretches 50 kms wide and over 90kms long, this inlet area is huge. With a depth of over 20m this massive inlet is home to some awesome fishing.

The gulf offers fishermen a few different options to try. There are areas such a “King Reef” which hold some fantastic reef dwelling fish, or alternatively you can try your luck trolling.

More often than not Tuna, Mackerel and GTs can be picked up trolling. In season it’s not uncommon to see packs of Sailfish herding up schools of baitfish.

King Reef (Exmouth Artificial Reef)

The Exmouth Artificial reef (aka King Reef) is another popular spot for boaties heading out from Exmouth.

Exmouth Artificial Reef

Only a few minutes from the Marina the Exmouth Artificial Reef is a great location to drop a line with fishermen usually catching a decent feed of fish. It’s also home to some massive GTs so be sure to ensure that spool is loaded full of line;)

Check out the Exmouth Artificial Reef page for more information.

The Muiron Islands

The Muiron Islands are a small group of sand and limestone islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Exmouth. The South Island, North Island, and Sunday Island make up the Muiron Islands.

Video by Michael Janis

This is a popular fishing destination for those with a boat, not only for fisherman though also for those keen to go for a spear. For more information, check out the Muiron Islands page.

Boat launching facilities at Exmouth

If you’re keen to head out in the boat for a fish, there are three main boat ramps where you can launch your boat from in Exmouth. These include the Exmouth Marina, Bundegi boat ramp and Tantabiddi boat ramp.

You can use the interactive map below to click and see where each boat ramp is, including the ability to zoom in and see where they are.

Before heading out with your boat from Exmouth definitely have a read of this Exmouth Boating Guide from the Department of Transport.

Spearfishing spots in Exmouth

If you’re a keen spearo we’re putting together a list of spearfishing spots in Exmouth. Select a location from the list below:

For more information on spearfishing, check out our Exmouth spearfishing guide.

Kayak Fishing

If you’re keen for a fish from your yak then Exmouth is a great place to be. With the shape of the Cape you can either fish from the west, east or northern tip depending on the conditions.

Video by Brett Stanford

Kayak fishing spots in Exmouth

If you plan to launch along the east side of the Cape then spots worth checking out with your Yak include Bundegi boat ramp, Bundegi flats the marina, and Learmonth jetty.

If you’re fishing from your kayak in the marina then try around the mouth of the marina entrance near the channel markers – as there are some decent Queenfish that cruise through this area. Or if you’re in the marina you maybe likely to catch yourself some decent Bream, Skippy or a GT.

Around Bundegi flats, Bundegi boat ramp, and Learmonth Jetty you’re likely to pic up Queenies, Mackerel, Mangrove Jack or even the odd Coral Trout.

Exmouth fishing clubs

One of the main fishing clubs in Exmouth is the Exmouth Game Fishing Club. This club also organises the world-renowned Gamex Fishing Tournament.

Exmouth tackle shops

If you need some tackle while you’re up at Exmouth be sure to drop in and visit Tackle World.

Exmouth Fishing Charters

There are a number of awesome fishing charters that operate out of Exmouth including Blue Horizon, On Strike Fishing Charters and Evolution Charters. Check out our Exmouth Fishing Charters page for more info.

Exmouth Fishing Videos

A great guide to fishing in Exmouth

Below are some Exmouth fishing videos from our members:

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