Cray Pot Winch and Tipper: What are they and how do they work? (Explained)

Sick of doing your back in retrieving cray pots? Well perhaps consider fitting a winch and a cray pot tipper to your boat.

What is a Cray Pot Winch?

A Cray Pot winch is a device that provides a winch system to connect your cray pot ropes to by where you can lock in and start retrieving your cray pot. It usually consists of an electric motor, gear box and drum or chain sprocket to which your roped is attached.

What is a Cray Pot Tipper?

A cray pot tipper is a device that enables you to easily raise a cray pot (or lobster pot) out of the water without having too exert any strenuous effort. A cray pot tipper is fixed to the opposite side of the boat to where the cray winch is fitted.

How does a Cray Pot Winch and Tipper work?

Once you’ve found your pot and have the rope, you simply pass the rope through the tipper and loop it around your winch. Once the winch is activated it will start retrieving your pot and for you. To see it in action, check out these videos below:

How do I know which Cray Pot Winch is right for my boat?

The main thing when choosing a cray pot winch is making sure it is powerful enough to lift the weight of your cray pot.

You also need to make sure that the winch can fit to the gunnel on the side of your boat, which you can do by comparing the dimensions of the winch to your gunnel.

Does a Cray Pot Winch require much maintenance?

No not really, however like all mechanical devices out in the elements, always check to make sure they are in full working order. Always check your winch for any rust, corrosion or wear and tear on the moving parts. If it looks worn or damaged then you need to replace or repair it before using again.

Where can I get a Cray Pot Winch and Tipper?

There are a number of boating retail stores that sell both Pot Winches and Tippers. It’s also worth checking out Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace too as you’ll often see second-hand ones advertised.

There are also many different winches, tippers and other devices available for you to purchase online via sales sites such as eBay, Gumtree and Amazon.

How do I install a Cray Pot Winch and Tipper?

You can get a lot of information through informative video clips via YouTube on how to install a winch and tipper yourself if you decide to purchase one second-hand or do the install of a new one yourself.

Alternatively, your local boat shop will be able to help you with the fitting process too.

How much does a Cray Pot Winch and Tipper cost?

Winces can start from around $800 upwards and Tippers anywhere from $500 onwards. However, this all depends on the size and quality your seeking.

The main thing to remember is that you get what you pay for, so be sure to get something powerful enough to lift your pots.

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