What is the Best Glue for Marine Carpet? (Helpful Tips)

There are a number of suitable glues and adhesives for marine carpet on the market. Check out the below article to find out what is the best glue to use and why.

Synthetic grass glue used for gluing marine carpet on a boat

What is the best glue for marine carpet?

For gluing marine carpet to plywood or other materials, I’ve found the best glue to use is synthetic grass glue. It does not only perform really well as an adhesive though when spread properly it can also act as a moisture barrier for the plywood stopping water soaking through the marine carpet and into the plywood. Such a moisture barrier then helps avoid issues such as wood rot or warping.

What do you need to glue marine carpet to the floor?

To glue marine carpet to the floor, you need three essential items. These being the glue, a spoon or scoop to apply the glue and a 4mm tile adhesive trowel to evenly spread the glue.

How to apply marine carpet glue?

If you’re using synthetic grass glue then following the below steps to apply the glue effectively:

  1. Scoop out a dollop of glue using a spoon or a trowel;
  2. Spread the glue with the trowel to ensure an even distribution of glue; and
  3. lay the carpet down onto the glue. Note, the glue can dry pretty quick so ensure that the glue you’re laying down has already been cut to size

Where can you buy syntetic grass glue?

The best place to buy synthetic grass glue and the tools you need for the job is Bunnings or other similar hardware stores.

Final thoughts…

I hope this article was helpful. I wish you all the best with your DIY work. If you have any further questions feel free to connect and reach out via our contact form or social media channels.

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