West Australian Boating Guides

Taking your boat to a west Australian waterway you’re unfamiliar with you looking for some additional boating information?

If this is the case you’ll be pleased to know that the West Australian Department of Transport publishes downloadable guides for popular boating destinations all over Western Australia.

Such information covered in these boating guides includes detailed maps of the area, boat launching locations, speed limits, water skiing areas, jet ski areas, facilities in the local area and so on.

For more information, select a guide below:

Perth and Surrounds Boating Guides

Inland Lakes and Dams (South of Perth)

South West Boating Guides

Esperance and the Golden Outback Guides

Coral Coast Boating Guides

Pilbara and the North West Boating Guides

West Australian Boating Information

If you’re keen on finding out more about boating in Western Australia below are a few links that might be of use:

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