Artificial Reefs in WA: Location maps and GPS Coordinates

There are currently seven artificial reefs deployed along the West Australian coastline. These are in various locations from Esperance in the south west, all the way up to Exmouth in the north west of WA.

These carefully designed reefs have been deployed to selected locations across the state with the aim to create sensational habitats for large amounts of different fish species. As these underwater habitats grow overtime, they will inturn attract more and more different fish provding fisherman across the state with some fantastic fishing grounds.

More information and the GPS coordinates of the reefs can be found below. Simply click the reef or interest for more details.

Map of Artificial Reefs in WA

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are artificial reefs located in Western Australia?

At current there are seven artificial reefs located in WA. These include Bunbury, Dunsborough, Exmouth, Mandurah, Perth (North Metro), Perth fish towers and Esperance. For more info and GPS locations check the list above.

Where can I find more info on artificial reefs in WA?

Apart from this website there are a few resources online for more information on these reefs.
Check out the links below:

Rec Fish West –
Facebook Group –

Who funded the deployment of artificial reefs in Western Australia?

The Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund (RFIF) is the main source of funding. More information on the RFIF can be found on the RecfishWest website.

What is the purpose of artificial reefs?

The aim of deploying these artificial reefs is to provide an underwater infrastructure for corals to grow from and inturn for fish and marine life to inhabitat.

How should I fish an artificial reef?

Once you have reached the reef using your GPS coordinates, it’s recommened that you then use your depth sounder to locate the reef structure. Your fishing method would then depend on whether your achored around the reef or drifting over it. Popular drifting methods include jigging, live baits, unweighted drift baits and bottom bouncing, however this last method may result in a high loss of tackle. If you’re anchoring then burleying up and drifting down baits or working jigs in the burley trail is pretty effective.

Can you anchor on artificial reefs?

Anchoring on top of the reefs should be avoided as your anchor is likely to get caught up in the large structures. Anchoring also stops other fisherman from having a chance at fishing the area. If you do want to anchor a better option would be to anchor around the edge of the reefs and cast into the reef area or use fish attractants such as burley to bring the fish to you.

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