Wave Rock (Hyden), Western Australia

Wave Rock is a huge granite rock located in the wheat belt region of Western Australia. The amazing natural attraction can be found by driving 335kms east Perth. This phenomenal rock formation is over 100 metres in length and sits 15 metres above ground level.

Looking right at wave rock western australia

It’s believed to be over 2.7 million years old with the shape being carved out by wind and rain. It’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of this natural sculpture while you are there. It is best to visit in the early morning or late afternoon when it is not so hot.

There are places all over the world with amazing geological phenomena but none quite like Wave Rock. The magnificent site will take your breath away as it stands majestically on a dry plain surrounded by hills and vegetation that changes colour during different times of the day. You won’t want to miss this one!

looking left at Wave Rock in Western Australia
Close up of Wave Rock texture
The close-up texture of Wave Rock is amazing
There is a path that you can walk along on the top side of the rock
Large granite boulders near the Wave Rock

How to get to Wave Rock

Wave Rock is located 335kms east of Perth in Western Australia which if travelling via car will take you around 4-4.5hrs.

Where can you stay at Wave Rock?

There are two accommodation options if you wish to stay near Wave Rock.  One is the Wave Rock Hotel and the other is the Wave Rock Caravan Park & Resort.  Below are a couple of links:

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