Waterfalls and Rapids of Western Australia

Being such a large state, Western Australia is home to a vast range of different waterfalls and rapids.

Platform up to the right of Quinninup Falls
Quinninup Falls in Yallingup, Western Australia

Found throughout Western Australia, these scenic waterfalls and rapids are located from the dense forests of the southwest region all the way up through to the northwest of our state.

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West Australian Waterfalls

Main waterfall at Noble Falls
Noble Falls (Perth)
Beedelup Falls
Beedelup Falls (Pemberton)
Veiw of the Quinninup Falls
Quinninup Falls (Yallingup)
Approaching Horizontal water falls
Horizontal Falls (Broome)

West Australian Rapids

Bells Rapids in Western Australia
Bells Rapids (Perth)
Sliding down into the pool at big rock collie south west
Big Rock (Collie)
View of the Rapids near Wellington Dam
The Rapids (Collie)
Relaxing at Little Rock Preston River
Little Rock (Collie)
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