Rivers and Creeks of Western Australia

Western Australia is home to a number of magnificent rivers and creeks, which not only add to the natural beauty of Western Australia but also play a massive role in WA’s ecosystem and provide important resources for both West Aussies and its inhabiting wildlife.

Aerial view of the Point Walter sand bar in Swan River
Swan River in Perth, Western Australia

One of the most known rivers in Western Australia is the Swan River. Flowing through the heart of Perth, the state’s capital city, the Swan River is a major waterway that is enjoyed and used by many.

From powerful rivers to serene creeks, Western Australia offers a wide range of aquatic landscapes that are worth exploring.

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Donnelly River cruise boat at Donnelly River landing
Donnelly River (South West)
Sunrise over Perth Western Australia
Swan River (Perth)
Relaxing at Little Rock on Preston River
Preston River (Collie)
Relaxing at sand dune at Moore River
Moore River (Perth)


Aerial view of Yardie Creek in Exmouth Western Australia
Yardie Creek (Exmouth)

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