Little Rock Collie (Preston River), Western Australia

One of my favourite spots, Little Rock is a Preston River gem. Little Rock is located approx 22km from the township of Collie, Western Australia.

Relaxing at Little Rock on Preston River

Little Rock is a prominent granite boulder in the river, with numerous other boulders dispersed on both sides of it; Little Rock sits close to shore whilst most of the other boulders are further out into deeper water.

Little rock is a perfect spot for swimming, having a picnic and relaxing with the family. There are no facilities or places to stay at Little Rock however there is limited parking close by. Little Rock is popular with both fisheman and families alike so if you plan to visit in the summer months or weekends be prepared for a number of people visiting the area.

Therefore if your driving by Little Rock or you are fortunate enough to live nearby Little Rock is a great place to stop and have a picnic. Little rock also provides easy access for fishing in the river.

If you’re a keen fisherman you may be lucky to catch a trout of decent red perch. Or for those that are into marron fishing, try dropping a net off the rocky ledge into the deeper water for a feed (only in season of course!)

Little Rock is just one of many factors that make Collie and it’s many waterways such an attractive tourist destination located with the South West region of Western Australia.

Enjoy the collection of Little Rock photos show casing this fantastic location.

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Where is Little Rock in Collie?

Little Rock is one of the scenic stops along the Preston River which is approximately 2-2.5hrs south of Perth (Near Collie and Wellington Dam). 

More Information

For more info check out the Little Rock page on the Parks and Wildlife website.

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