Preston River (Collie), Western Australia

Feeding off Wellington Dam, Preston River is an amazing spot for anyone looking for a nice peaceful escape.

Fishing at Little Rock Preston River
Fishing off Little Rock

Stretching a total of 84kms the river is perfect for water activities such as kayaking, swimming and snorkelling.

It also has some great spots for freshwater fishing and Marron fishing (when the season is open).

Spots to check out along Preston River

Popular spots on the Preston River include Big Rock, Little Rock, Long Pool and Honeymoon Pool. Each of these spots are sign posted and have room for parking. Note, in the summer months these spots can get quite busy (especially Honeymoon Pool) so look at arriving early or perhaps visiting during the week if possible.

Location map

The Preston River runs off Wellington Dam which is approximately 20kms from Collie in the South West region of Western Australia.

Things to do

There are plenty of things to do along Preston River. Depending on the time of the year popular activities include:

  • Fishing – this can be for the likes of trout of Perch. If in season, it’s also a popular location for Marron
  • Kayaking and paddle boarding
  • Bush walking and hiking
  • Relaxing picnics along the river
  • Swimming and snorkelling in popular spots such as little rock and long pool

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