Boating in Moore River (Guilderton)

Boating in Moore River is fantastic! Boating and kayaking on the river is popular activities with many boating and kayaking enthusiasts travelling up from Perth for the day to head out and explore the river.


If you’re planning to do some boating in Moore River you can launch it at the boat ramp at the end of the car park. This is a decent double concrete ramp with plenty of parking for your boat and trailer.

Boat ramps make boating in Moore River easy
Launching the boat via the ramps

At the ramp, there are a few maps that show the layout of the river and where not to go. Check these maps and pay attention to the boating exclusion zones. Also, follow the channel markers as the depth can quickly vary from a couple of metres up to 30 centimetres deep.

Further up the river, there are a number of fallen trees along the river bank with some sunken logs hiding just underwater. Be careful of these as you can get snagged or even worse do some prop damage.

Boaters wishing to stay overnight or longer should check out the Moore River Caravan Park.

Paddle craft (Kayaking and PAddleboarding)

If you own a kayak or paddleboard then Moore River is a must. With the excellent launching facilities and kilometres of river to explore this is a fantastic location.

If you’re travelling from Perth, I’d suggest leaving early in the morning so you can be on the water by 10 am or before if possible… and avoid weekends. Weekdays are your best chance of finding a quiet piece of the river to yourself. 

For those that don’t have a kayak or paddleboard, there are hire companies that rent out gear on the river banks. You can rent kayaks or boards by the hour, half day, or full day.

Moore River Boating Guide

For more information on boating on the Moore River, check this Moore River boating guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions related to boating in Moore River.

Are Jet Skis allowed at Moore River?

No, unfortunately jet skis are not allowed on Moore River. (Please refer to the Moore River boating guide for more information)

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