Moore River (Guilderton), Western Australia

Moore River view from the high sand dune

Approximately 100kms north of Perth, Moore River is located in the coastal town of Guilderton, Western Australia. Being such close proximity to Perth, this river is the perfect escape for a couple of days or if not just for a day trip.

With the river one side of the beach and the ocean the other side this provides the perfect landscape for all weather conditions as no matter which way the wind is blowing you can always find a nice calm spot to relax in.

Things to do

Moore River offers a number of activities for you and the family. These include:

  • Fishing – whether your fishing from a boat or off the shore there are a number of fishing options. Be sure to check out the Fishing in Moore River page for more info.

  • Paddle Boarding and Kayaking – This would have to be one of the most popular activities for visitors to the area. With the calm open waters you can easily launch any type of paddle craft and paddle around for hours in beautiful picturesque scenery.

  • Boating – there is a great boat ramp at Moore River for anyone that’s keen to explore the river via their boat. For more info check out the Boating page.

  • Sandboarding – If you’re lucky enough to catch a ride up stream, be sure to take your sandboard so you can experience the thrill of racing down one of the largest sand dunes you’ll come across!

For more information on what you can do check out the video below:

Location Map

Moore River is located within Guilderton which is 94kms north of Perth. This equates to approximately 1-1.5hrs of driving depending on the traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take Dogs to Moore River?

Yes, dogs are allowed at Moore River.

More Information

Or alternatively, for more info on Guilderton and Moore River in general check out the Guilderton visitor centre

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