Horizontal falls (Broome), Western Australia

Located in the Buccaneer Archipelago, the Horizontal Falls is a specular fast moving tidal current that flows between two narrow gorges in the picturesque Talbot Bay. Play the video below for a first hand experience of what it is like being within the falls.

Location Map

Check out the amazing photos of the falls below. If you have some photos or footage of the falls that you would like to share with others please comment below:)

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the horizontal waterfall?

The waterfall is caused when powerful tides are forced through two narrow gorges in Talbot bay.

How can you get to the horizontal falls near Broome?

Due to the remote location of the falls, you can only travel here via sea plane or boat. Scenic flights go to the falls from either Broome or Derby.

Why is it so expensive to visit the horizontal falls?

Due to it’s remote location a lot of the expense comes from the logistics of getting visitors to the location. This includes hotel transfers, a flight in a sea plane, followed by a trip in a specifically designed tour boat.

Can you swim at the horizontal falls?

No, swimming is not allowed at the falls as the strong tides are considered both powerful and dangerous. However, you can swim with the grey nurse sharks within an ocean cage at the pontoon area where the sea planes land. Therefore, remember to pack your bathers!

Book a trip to see the Horizontal Falls

If you’re keen to check out the Horizontal falls then there are a number of charters that can take you there. One is KAS Helicopters which offer a number of different scenic tours of the falls.

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