Harvey Dam, Western Australia

Harvey Dam is a beautiful dam located to the east of Harvey. This dam is popular amongst both locals and visitors in the area who are looking for a scenic place to kick back and relax with family and friends.

Harvey dam in Western Australia
Harvey Dam in Western Australia

Fishing at Harvey Dam

Harvey dam is a great freshwater fishing spot located 1-2 hours south of Perth.

What fish can you catch at Harvey Dam?

Being a freshwater dam there are a number of freshwater species that can be caught at Harvey Dam. The most common fish caught at Harvey Dam are Redfin Perch followed by both Rainbow and Brown Trout.

The great thing about Harvey Dam is that it’s stocked annually with Trout which makes it a popular destination for those looking to catch a feed of Trout in the south west region of Western Australia.

Can you catch Marron at Harvey Dam?

Yes, during the season you can fish for Marron. However, before fishing be sure to check out our Marron section of the website with links to the rules and regulations related to catching Marron from dams.

When can you fish at Harvey Dam?

The dam is closed for fishing each year for the months of July and August allowing the dam to be restocked with Trout.

Where’s the best place to fish at Harvey Dam?

Generally the better place to fish in Harvey is in and around the structures towards the back of the dam, however climate conditions also come into play. For example, during the winter when it rains you’ll find that the fish in the dam will congregate around the flowing creeks entering the dam. However during the warmer months where adjoining creeks are flowing the fish will disperse more throughout the dam.

Generally though, always keep a good look out for decent structure in the dam as this is likely to hold fish.

In addition as Trout like to hunt bugs and insects that drop into the water, it’s worth looking out areas of bush or flowers that have a larger population of insects (such as blooming flowers) as this will attract more fish.

What fishing techniques should you use at Harvey Dam?

If you’re targeting Trout or Redfin then surface lures or live baits (such as worms) work well. If you’re going for Marron then have a read of the How to Catch Marron section of our website.

Can you launch your boat at Harvey Dam?

Yes, there is a small concrete boat ramp located at Harvey Dam, however keep in mind that you’re not allowed motorised boats on the dam fuel powered vessels). 

You’re only allowed electric powered or paddle powered vessels on the dam. (e.g. small dinghies with electric motors, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards etc)

Can you camp at Harvey Dam?

No, unfortunately there is no camping allowed anywhere around Harvey Dam.

How to get there?

Harvey Dam is located 1hr and 40 minutes south of Perth via car.

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