Donnelly River: Info, Photos, Maps & More

Donnelly River is a picturesque river that stretches just over 151kms through several different forests and national parks before reaching the southwest coastline.

Map of donnelly river
Map of Donnelly River

The river has some fantastic scenery along the way including some magnificent limestone cliffs. In addition to this, there is an abundance of wildlife that inhabits the river banks and wetland areas.

Fishing on Donnelly River

Donnelly River is popular with avid anglers who like to try their luck with several freshwater species.

Fishing sign at Donnelly River boat landing
Fishing sign at Donnelly River

Within the River, you can catch a range of species with popular catches including;

  • Bream
  • Perch
  • Rainbow trout
  • Brown trout
  • Salmon trout

During the season Donnelly River is also a great spot for catching marron.

Check out the below video of west coast local Marc Largra fishing for black bream out of his tinny.

Donnelly River Cruises

There is also a local operator that runs river cruises for those that don’t have a boat or kayak and are keen to explore the river.

The Donnelly River cruise boat waiting to depart
Donnelly River Cruises waiting to depart

This is a popular cruise that offers people a unique way to explore the river with a stopover near the river mouth before returning. For more info check out

Launching facilities on Donnelly River

Whether you have a boat, kayak or canoe there is a nice boat ramp located 11kms up from the river mouth.

View of the Donnelly River boat ramp

Refer to our Donnelly River boat ramp page for more info.

Location Map

Donnelly River is located approximately 7kms from Beedelup near Pemberton, WA.

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