Bells Rapids (Perth): What You NEED To Know Before You Go

With all the rain we recently had, I thought it would be perfect to take a trip up to Bells Rapids with my two sons.  We had a great time and as a result, I thought I’d share my experience along with answers to any questions others may have.

Bells Rapids in Western Australia
Photo of Bells Rapids during the month of July

What are Bells Rapids?

views from bells rapid bridge

Bells Rapids is a popular walking, sightseeing, and picnic spot located on the Avon River just outside of Perth, Western Australia.  During the winter months, the rapids are flowing, putting on an awesome sight for those that visit.

Where at Bells Rapids?

Bells Rapids are approximately 40mins from Perth, located off the Great Northern Highway in Brigadoon.

Bells Rapids Bridge

bridge going over bells rapid

There is a fantastic bridge that stretches over the river providing the perfect spot to view the rapids and the surrounding landscape.  This is also a great vantage point for any of those that are keen to watch the Avon Decent Race which runs annually.

Foot bridge bells rapids wa
Heading over the bridge back to the car park
Bridge over avon river at bells rapids
Side on view of the bridge at bells rapids

Bells Rapid walking trails

For those that are keen on a hike, there are some great walking trails that vary in length from 2.5 up to 5.5kms.  When I was there with my sons, we went on the long walk that went up over the hills.  This was a fantastic walk and the views from the top were simply stunning!

heading down the walking trail at bells rapids
Such beautiful views from the different walking trails at Bells Rapids

Along the way the flora and fauna are beautiful, so be sure to take a camera for some happy snaps.  Oh, and also keep an eye out for “buttock” rock… you guessed it, a nice big granite rock that looks like a bum haha.

buttocks rock at bells rapid
Photo of Buttock rock at Bells Rapids

In addition, you’re also likely to see the odd kangaroo or two amongst the bushes or if you’re lucky we had once bounced across the trail in front of us.

Are dogs allowed at Bells Rapids?

Yes, dogs are allowed at Bells Rapids.  When we were there nearly every second person had their dog with them, showing how popular it is with dog owners.  If you do plan on taking your dog, I’d recommend heading over the bridge and going on the longer walking trail as this trail has plenty of room for you and your pouch to venture along.

Are there toilets?

Toilets at bells rapids

Yes, there are toilets at Bells Rapids.  These are located across the road above the main car park.

Is there any picnic or BBQ facilities?

No, there are no picnic or BBQ facilities at Bells Rapids.  There are also no picnic tables.  However, saying this there are some nice areas around the rapids and along the river where you can put a picnic rug down on the river bank.

Is there a cafe or somewhere to get a drink?

Juice van at bells rapids

No, there is no cafe though there is often an ice cream truck and juice truck parked up near the main car park and toilets.  We had juice before our walk and I treated the boys to an ice cream afterward which I highly reccommend;)

Juice van at Bells rapids
Waiting for their ice crean

Can you swim at Bells Rapids?

No, with the strong flow of water and undercurrents it’s definitely not recommended to go swimming at Bells Rapids.

What else do I need to know?

Here are a few helpful tips to consider before heading up to Bells Rapids:

Be mindful of the crowds

Car park at bells rapid

We headed there on a Sunday and although we still had a great time I was amazed to see how busy it was with cars parked everywhere!  Therefore, if you would like to miss the crowds then perhaps plan a visit during the week instead of on the weekend or public holidays.

Be careful near the water’s edge

I guess one of the things I was surprised about was the speed and power of the rapids, hence if you’re there with little ones I’d recommend keeping away from the water’s edge.  This would also apply to dogs that have a tendency to go and explore the water.

Pack the bug spray

Both my sons came back with a few mozzie and insect bites on them so if you are prone to insect bites perhaps pack the bushmans.

To give you more insight check out the below photo gallery:

Final thoughts

I hope you found this article helpful and feel free to leave other comments below of value to others who may be visiting.

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