Beedelup Lake (Karri Valley Resort): What You Need To Know BEFORE You Go

Beedelup Lake (Karri Valley Resort) is a beautiful and tranquil lake located 27kms west of Pemberton, amongst the amazing karri forests of the south west.

Crystal clear water at Lake Beedelup
Crystal clear waters at Beedelup Lake

Things to do at Lake Beedelup

If you love the outdoors then you’ll love Lake Beedelup. Popular activities include:

  • Kayaking, canoeing of SUP’ing on the lake
  • Hiking/bushwalking along the Bibbulmun track
  • Visiting Beedelup falls
  • Visiting Frogs Leap Jetty
  • Bird watching
  • Fishing for trout
Beach area at Beedelup Lake
Kayaks and SUPs for hirer at Beedelup Lake

Fishing at Lake Beedelup

Beedelup Lake offers some great fishing opportunities for those that are into freshwater fishing.

There are a number of different spots you can fish from including fishing from the banks of the lake, out of a kayak, off the jetties and even from your chalet! (Yes, believe or not I’ve seen people land trout whilst casting a line from their lakeside chalet)

What fish can you catch at Beedelup?

Beedelup lake is stocked with small trout (both Rainbow and Brown) on an annual basis, hence catching a feed of trout from Beedelup is quite common. In addition, Perch are also caught in the lake.

You can also catch marron at Beedelup – check out the below video of marron being caught off a lake chalet balcony!

What fishing methods to use at Lake Beedelup?

As trout are the primary species there you could try fly fishing of some freshwater spinners. However, as this lake is stocked annually I’ve found the most successful method is using corn kernels suspended mid water under a float.

When I was there last I caught a number of trout this way. I got this tip from a local fisherman who said trout like corn kernels as they are similar to the pellets they are fed when growing up in the local hatchery before being released into the waterways around Pemberton (including Beedelup lake).

Check out our Pemberton Fishing Guide for more info on fishing areas near Beedelup.

How to get to Beedelup Lake

Beedelup is located just off the Vasse Highway, either 27kms from Pemberton or 71kms from Nannup. (Depending on the direction you’re coming from)

Below are a collection of photos from my last visit to Beedelup Lake.

Video of Beedelup Lake

Below is a quick clip of Beedelup Lake from the southern end as the sun was starting to set.

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