Beedelup Falls (Near Pemberton), Western Australia

Beedelup Falls is a stunning waterfall located amongst beautiful karri and jarrah trees, right near Beedelup Lake within the Greater Beedelup National Park.

Beedelup Falls
Beedelup Falls (Beedelup National Park)

When is the best time to visit Beedelup Falls?

The best time to visit the falls is during winter or early spring when the falls are flowing at their best, however saying this the falls are still worth the visit outside of these times with water still flowing though at a lesser rate.

What do the Falls look like?

The video about shows what the falls are like in March – no doubt in winter they are flowing much bigger than this!

How to get to Beedelup Falls?

The most direct access to the falls is via a car park located 300m from the falls, however, you can also walk to the falls via trails that go around the Beedelup Lake.

Lake Beedelup sign
The above map shows where Beedelup falls are in relation to the car park
Beedelup Lake loop sign

This map is a larger scale showing where Beedelup Falls is in relation to Beedelup Lake.

I recently stayed at Beedelup Cottages and found the walk from the cottages around the lake to the falls was fantastic and if you have the time I’d highly recommend going the extra distance and taking one of the longer trails around the lake. You won’t be disappointed!

Below are some photos I took along the way.

What is the Beedelup Falls trail like?

Overall the trail is relatively easy, however, as you head up to the falls there are some hills that can be slightly challenging.

However, there is plenty of nice scenery along the way so take a break along the way and enjoy the surroundings.

Standing in a karri tree on Beedelup Lake trail
Check out the massive karri tree on the way around

When you get to the falls there is a well-laid-out walking path consisting of stairs and best of all a wooden bridge expanding over the falls. This wooden bridge is a great feature and one of the best parts of the trail.

Wooden bridge over Beedelup Falls
Start of the wooden Bridge
Wooden bridge at Beedelup Falls

Below the wooden bridge

How long does it take?

The Beedelup loop trail (around the lake and including the falls) is 4.5kms, hence it will take you approximately 1hr to complete, however, I would allow at least 1.5hrs from start to finish as this will give you plenty of time to take and enjoy the scenery on the way.

Location Map

The below map shows where the actual falls out. If you zoom out/move the map you’ll see the car park areas to start from.

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