Ultimate Guide to Fishing at Quobba, WA: Spots, What You Can Catch, Photos and more

Regarded as having some of the best land-based game fishing in Australia, Quobba is a bucket-list fishing destination for those that are chasing some awesome game fish off the coast.

41kg spanish mackerel caught fishing at Quobba in Western Australia
41kg spanish mackerel caught by Brett Skip while fishing at Quobba

What fish can you catch at Quobba?

With such a vast coastline there is a range of fish that can be caught at Quobba. These can be broken into three groups, these being your land-based game species, reef fish, and your bread and butter species.

Land-based game species

32kg Wahoo caught fishing at Quobba station
32kg Wahoo caught by Brett Skip
  • Mackerel (Spanish, Boardbar, Shark)
  • Tuna (Yellowfin, Longtail)
  • Benito
  • Sharks
  • Queenfish
  • Giant Trevally
  • Cobia
  • Sailfish
  • Wahoo
  • Marlin (On rare occasions)

Reef fishing species

Spangled emperor caught fishing at Quobba
Spangled emperor caught fishing at Quobba | Photo by Brett Skip
  • Baldchin grouper
  • Pink snapper
  • Norwest snapper
  • Spangled emperor
  • Trout (Coral, Coronation)

Bread and butter species

Quobba Fishing Spots

There are some fantastic fishing spots along the coastline of Quobba. The fishing spots can be seen on the map below with further info on each spot further down the page.

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Red Bluff

Red Bluff has a number of lower rock areas you can fish from which are closer to the water than most other spots. From here you can pick up a number of different reef-dwelling fish along with your bread and butter species. There are also some deeper waters around the bluff that produce bigger pelagic species.

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The Caves

One of the more isolated spots is what is known as The Caves. This fishing spot is not for the faint-hearted and to get to The Caves you will need to quite fit as there is a fair distance to walk down to where you fish from.

Also, to drive to the caves you will need a 4WD. As the fishing area is quite elevated you will also need a long pole gaff to be able to retrieve your catch.

This spot is mainly suited for spinning or bottom fishing.

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Camp Rock

The fishing spot of Camp Rock is located approximately half a mile up from The Ledge. Only accessible to those with a 4WD, Camp Rock suits those chasing reef fish or who are keen to try their luck with a lure. Note, you are quite elevated fishing from here so you will need a long enough pole or cliff gaff to retrieve your catch.

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The Ledge

Known as one of the best spinning locations, the Ledge is located further north up near 13 Mile. This spot is great for catching pelagics such as mackerel and cobia.

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Cape Cuvier

Located further north of the homestead, the fishing spot known as Cape Cuvier is worth a look. However, this is only accessible to those that have a 4WD. Species you can catch here include a number of pelagics (such as spanish mackerel & tuna) along with bottom-dwelling species such as pink snapper and spangled emperor.

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The Boundary

The Boundary is another great spot for targeting pelagic species such as spanish mackerel, tuna and benito. With easterly winds it’s also a great area to try your luck balloon fishing.

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Whistling Rock

Known for producing pelagics such as tuna and spanish mackerel, Whistling Rock is a spot worth checking out. It’s located approximately 5 miles north of the Quobba homestead.

Whistling Rock at Quobba Station
Photo by Brett Skip

From here there are a number of fishing techniques you can use, including bottom bouncing, ballooning, and spinning lures. Ideal conditions for Whistling Rock would be easterly winds with a low swell.

Two Mile

Know as a great spinning spot, the 2 mile fishing spot is located 2 miles up from the homestead. Ideally before fishing this spot you want to ensure the conditions are in your favour as the fishing area is prone to unfavourable weather conditions.

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High Rock

Not far south of the homestead is High Rock. This is a well-known fishing spot at Quobba where anglers often catch numerous pelagic species. As the rocky platforms you fish from are approximately 10m from the water, you’ll need a pole or cliff gaff with you. There are also safety points to hook onto while you’re fishing.

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Point Quobba

Although there is a marine sanctuary zone at Point Quobba, you can fish off the shore to the south of this zone. Although not known for big pelagics, fishing off the beach can produce a decent catch with a number of species such as tailor, whiting, flathead spangled emperor being caught here.

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Areas you can’t fish at Quobba

You can fish most of the Quobba coastline though fishing isn’t allowed everywhere. One area where you can’t fish is Quobba Point, just behind the island as this is a marine sanctuary zone. Refer to the below map from fisheries that provides more detail:

Best beach fishing spot in Quobba

If you looking for a somewhat easier fishing session in Quobba and would prefer to fish off the beach then the most suited area for this is Point Quobba, just south of the marine sanctuary zone.

Where can I buy bait and fishing tackle?

The store at Red Bluff has limited supplies including bait, however, the recommendation would be to bring bait and plenty of fishing tackle with you, or drop into Carnarvon on the way up to stock up.

What Fishing Gear to take to Quobba?

If you’re planning a fishing trip to Quobba Station then you definitely want to come prepared. you want to have a range of different rods and tackle to suit both the fishing location and the conditions.

land based game fishing gear
Example of land-based game reels

If you’re serious about your fishing then I’d be taking a couple of different outfits. My first would be a decent land-based game outfit that has both the line capacity and strength to both balloon out whilst also eliminating the chance of getting spooled if you hook up to something big.

My second outfit would be a fixed spool setup suited for punching out lures and retrieving them quickly.

Thirdly, I’d be taking a light outfit for either catching live bait or enjoying some lighter beach fishing for some of the smaller species.

In addition, I’d also look at doubling up on all these outfits as on trips like this it’s easy for gear to get broken, and when you’re that far from a decent tackle shop you’ll be regretting you didn’t bring any backup gear!

Safety first!

Note, although Quobba is known for excellent fishing, it’s also notorious for big swells and dangerous conditions hence always be aware of your surroundings at all times fish safe!

PFD Life Jacket suitable for rock fishing
If your rock fishing at Quobba then I would recommend a automatic PFD like above

Where can I launch my boat at Quobba?

There is a boat launching area near the Point Quobba campsite. However, this is beach launching only hence you’ll need a 4WD to launch here.

Note, it’s also prone to get quite boggy at times so always check the area before launch and be prepared with recovery gear should you come into trouble.

For more info, including a map check out our Quobba Station boat launching page.

Note, there is no fuel station within Quobba or at Red Bluff so ensure you have enough fuel with you. The closest town to get fuel is Carnarvon which is approx 80kms south of Quobba.

Quobba Fishing Photos

Below are a collection of photos of fish caught along the Quobba coastline.

Quobba Fishing Videos

Below are a collection of quobba fishing videos that are worth checking out – enjoy!

Video by BMS adventures
Video by Rock Bottom Fishing
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