Quobba Station: Everything You NEED to Know Before Visiting

Established in 1898, Quobba station (Aka Quobba) is a family-run pastoral station stretching over 180kms along the Ningaloo coastline of Western Australia.

Quobba Station is bounded by two additional stations and a lake. Gnarloo Station to its north, and Lake Macleod and Boolathana station to its southeast.

Aerial view of Quobba Station coastline in Western Australia
Aerial view of the coastline at Quobba station

How to get to Quobba Station

Quobba station is approximately 80kms north of Carnarvon and approximately 140kms south of Coral bay. Driving from Perth will take you around 12hrs.

Things to do at Quobba Station

Although it’s considered quite a remote location there are still plenty of things to do whilst staying at Quobba station. These include:

Visiting the Blow Holes

When the conditions are right, the raw swells of the Indian ocean smash into sea caves on the coastline, forcing water to rush up and blow out of narrow holes within the rocks. This phenomenon is what is known as the Qubba Blow Holes. if you up this way they’re definitely worth a visit.

The blowholes at Quobba Station in Western Australia
Photo of the blowholes at Quobba Station

Go Surfing at Quobba

Quobba Station is well-known for some great surf breaks. The main surf break is Red Bluff point though there are other surf spots along the coastline including surf breaks near the Blowholes and 17 Mile. The best time to surf at Qubba is from May through to August.

Note, due to its remote location and rugged coastline, Quobba is considered quite a dangerous place to go for a surf, hence when you’re out there always be shark aware and keep your distance from the rocks and underwater reefs.

Go fishing at Quobba

Quobba is known as one of, or if not the best land-based game fishing location in Western Australia. With its vast rugged coastline, steep cliffs, and dark deep blue water it provides the perfect ingredients for some of the best rock fishing in the world.

For more info on fishing, check out our fishing at Quobba Station page which includes fishing spots, tips and videos to help you plan your next Quobba fishing adventure!

Go Swimming or Snorkeling

The Quobba station coastline also has some fantastic snorkeling and swimming areas too. One of the areas that is well worth a visit is what is known as the ‘Quobba Aquarium’, a lagoon at Point Quobba (Not far from the Blow Holes).

View the Korean Star shipwreck

The Korean Star was a ship that was on its way to load salt from Lake Macleod salt mine, though unfortunately due to a cyclone the anchor lifted in wild weather and it was washed ashore.

Although it has reduced in size a lot since it first wrecked, there are still remains of it to be found around 50-60m from the shoreline.

The Korean Star Ship Wreck on the Quobba Coastline in WA
A photo of the Korean Star shipwreck shortly after it hit the shores

What else should I know about Quobba Station?

KING WAVES KILL! As you enter Quobba you will be faced with a very large sign stating KING WAVES KILL. Although this sign is a popular photo spot it’s important that visitors to the area take note of the sign and keep this in mind when fishing or exploring the area.

Large waves often form and surge up over the rocks and cliff areas without any warning, which in the past have caused both injuries and multiple fatalities. Always be mindful of your surroundings and more importantly never turn your back to the ocean.

Frequently asked Questions

Below are a collection of answers to questions frequently asked about Quobba station:

Do you need a 4WD to get to Quobba Station?

No, you do not need a 4WD to get to Quobba Station. The road from the main highway through to the blowhole is sealed and from her to the homestead or Red Bluff it’s unsealed, however, you can still drive on it with a 2WD. Obviously, a 4WD is much more suited for the unsealed roads though not a necessity if you wish to visit Quobba station.

Can you Camp or take a caravan to Quobba Station?

Yes, Quobba station is caravan friendly with a number of campsites to choose from, either powered or unpowered. Note, as the station produces its own power there are some restrictions in place to reserve power supplies such as no cooking appliances being allowed.

For more information on camping and accommodation options visit https://www.quobba.com.au/

Is there Phone Reception at Quobba?

Yes, there are areas of the Quobba station that have phone reception (Refer to the telstra coverage map). From personally visiting and traveling through the area, my phone signal would drop out a fair bit, apart from up near the lighthouse where I was able to get decent reception.

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