Gnaraloo Station: Everything You NEED To Know Before Visiting

Located at the base of the Ningaloo Marine Park is Gnaraloo Station. This station comprises both an active pastoral station and a tourism business that provides camping and self-catered accommodation right on the edge of the Ningaloo Reef.

3 Mile lagoon at Gnaraloo Station Western Australia
Three mile lagoon at Gnaraloo Station

How to get to Gnaraloo Station?

Gnaraloo Station 150kms north of Carnarvon, or just over 1,000kms north of Perth. Bounded by Quobba Station to the south and Warroora Station, you can get to Gnaraloo heading along the North West Coastal Highway until you reach a turn-off for Blowholes Road.

Head down Blowholes road and after a while you’ll come to a T junction with the well-known “King Waves Kill” sign.

From here you take a right and head along an unsealed road for 75kms until you reach the Gnaraloo station welcoming sign, aka the ‘Gnaraloo stone arch’. If you head on another 11.5kms you’ll reach the 3 Mile Camp or you can continue up further to the homestead.

Things to do at Gnaraloo Station?

Due to its remote location, Gnaraloo station is perfect for those that enjoy everything outdoors. With amazing beaches, awesome surf, and crystal clear waters there are a range of activities to enjoy at Gnarloo.

Go Surfing

Recommended for experienced surfers only, Gnaraloo has some world-class surf on offer!

Tombstones – going off!

There are five main breaks to surf at. These are:

  • Tombstones
  • Centres
  • Midgies
  • Turtles
  • Fenceline
  • Gnaraloo Bay

If you’re looking for the ideal surfing conditions then it’s best to head there around April through to October as this is when the best waves usually occur.

For more information on surfing at Gnaraloo, check out

Go Kitesurfing

In addition to surfing, kite surfing is also a favourite pastime at Ningaloo. The two spots to go kite surfing at Gnaraloo are Tombstones and Gnaraloo Bay.

For more info on kite surfing at Gnaraloo station, check out

Whale Watching

During the Humpback whale migration season, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see whales cruising along the coastline as they travel past Gnaraloo up to waters further north, or after their migration when they return to the south.

Usually, humpback whales can be seen heading up to warmer waters from December to March and you can then see them on their return trip around June to September.

Visit 3 Mile Lagoon

3 Mile Lagoon is a beautiful spot where you can sit back, relax and enjoy some crystal clear and calm waters. If you’re heading to 3 Mile Lagoon make sure you have the snorkel packed as there is an abundance of marine life to see!

Snorkelling at 3 Mile Lagoon on the Ningaloo Reef

Go Fishing at Gnaraloo

Gnarloo is known to provide some great fishing. If you’re shore-based fishing, there are a number of spots to fish from along the Gnaraloo coastline. If you have a boat you can launch from the beach and head out fishing in and around the Ningaloo Reef.

Video: Fishing at Gnaraloo Bay

Note, that there are three sanctuary zones that you’re unable to fish from. These include:

  • Gnarraloo Bay Sanctuary Zone
  • Three Mile Sanctuary Zone
  • Turtles Sanctuary Zone

Where to stay at Gnaraloo Station?

There are two options to stay at Gnaraloo. These include the Gnaraloo Homestead or the 3 Mile Camp.

3 Mile Camp

The three-mile camp at Gnaraloo offers a number of different styles of camping from your basic tent sites up to a singular beach shack that can be rented out called the ‘Hilton’.

Check out the following link for more information on the 3 Mile camp and what it has to offer:

The Gnaraloo Homestead

The Gnaraloo Home is situated on an escarpment with magnificent views of the Indian ocean. Rather than camping, the Gnarloo homestead offers self-contained cabins varying in size to suit different requirements.

For more information about the Gnaraloo Homestead check out

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