Spearfishing Gear: 11 pieces of spearfishing gear you can’t live without

It’s not always easy to know what gear you need for spearfishing. There are a lot of gadgets and gizmos on the market that all make big promises, but which one is right for you?

Spearfishing gear

To help answer this question we’ve put together a list of 11 pieces of gear that we think any serious spearfisherman can’t live without.

Essential Spearfishing gear includes:

  1. Speargun
  2. Spearfishing Mask
  3. A Float and floatline
  4. Weight belt
  5. Knife
  6. Gloves
  7. Fins / Flippers
  8. Boot and socks
  9. Wetsuits
  10. A stringer
  11. Shaft

1. Spear gun


A Spear gun is the most essential piece of gear for any serious spearfisherman. Spear guns are designed to shoot a spear at fish underwater so they can be captured and brought up onto the surface.

There are two main types of spear guns, these being pneumatic guns (air) or band (rubber) guns. Spear guns come in different lengths and sizes and are sized according to the length of your arm and your body strength.

2.A Spearfishing Mask


One important aspect of spearfishing is a low volume, wide FOV mask which will seal with the specially designed one-way valve system that doesn’t require equalisation when diving and provides full visibility in underwater conditions.

3. A Float and float line

To surface easily and to keep your equipment from being lost when you are spearfishing, a surface marker buoy (commonly known as a float) is an essential item.

Apart from somewhere to hook or store your equipment, it also alerts other fisherman of your location can come in handy.

Spearfishing float

Attached to the float is your float line. Always attach a float line from the float to your speargun so that it is able to stay afloat.

A float line is important for multiple reasons- one allowing you the ability to drop your equipment and retrieve it from the surface by pulling on the float rope.

Or, other scenarios include when you’ve shot a big fish or if your gun has gotten stuck in coral. If this happens you can then let go of your gun and return back to the surface knowing that you gun is still safely secured to the float.

4. Weight Belt

A weight belt is important in order to help you remain submerged. There are two weight belt styles, you have the traditional belt style that fits around your waist or there are newer styles out called weight vests.

Different to weight belts the weight vests allow weights to be distributed across your chest, back and shoulders.


A short and pointy knife is needed for the quick dispatch of your catch if it’s not killed outright by your shot.

There are a number of knifes on the market, however you want to ensure your knife is lightweight with a pointy end with both a serrated and smooth edge.

The smooth edge can be used for dispatching tour catch or say cutting up burley whilst the serrated edge is great for the likes of getting through ropes.


Gloves serve a number of purposes when spearfishing, one of which is protecting your hands from cuts and abrasion.

Others purposes including helping you grip the shaft or handle of the gun with a wet hand, keep your hands warm and protecting them from stings from jellyfish or other potentially venomous sea creatures.

7.Spearfishing Fins

Spearfishing fins (or flippers) are the most important piece of gear after a spear gun.

Fins are used to propel yourself through water whilst remaining neutrally buoyant at all times.

Compared to scuba diving fins, free diving or spearfishing fins are much longer and are made of material such as carbon fibre to help get you down deeper faster.

For more info check out our recent article on how to select a perfect pair of fins.

8.Boots and socks

Apart from keeping your feet warm, spearfishing boots and socks provide protection from sharp objects on the seabed such as shells, sea urchins and spiny fish.

keep your blade safe away from potential stings by venomous marine life in the water. They also protect you from getting blisters from your fins and allow you to get a nice snug fit within your fins.


Wetsuit types

Compared to a surfing or scuba diving wetsuit, a spearfishing wetsuit is usually a thicker wetsuit to help you stay warm in colder waters. It’s also usually comprises of two pieces with some having hoods built in.

10. A stringer

A stringer is a line that is attached to your float with a sharp like stick on the either end.

Using the metal stick, you can thread this through your catch and leave it with the float whilst you continue to fish. It also makes it easier when transporting your catch back to shore.

11. Spear shaft

Spear shafts and heads come in different lengths and sizes depending on what gun you are using and the type of fish you’re targeting.

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