Minilya Bridge Roadhouse, Western Australia

Minilya Bridge Roadhouse is a popular roadhouse situated on the North West Coastal Highway 148 km north of Carnarvon, just near Minilya Bridge.  Due to its location, this roadhouse is ideally located for those wishing to top up the tank or take a break from driving before continuing up the coast to the locations such as Coral Bay or Exmouth.

Pumps at Minilya Bridge Roadhouse
Minilya Bridge Roadhouse, Western Australia

What does Minilya Bridge Roadhouse offer?

Minilya Roadhouse offers all the essentials, including fuel, a restaurant, toilets, and a convenience store offering takeaway food, drinks, and of course, coffee.  They also have a range of souvenirs on offer with, let’s say some “interesting” merchandise such as t-shirts and stubby holders (yes, we had to buy one of the stubby holders when we were there).

Accommodation at Minilya Bridge Roadhouse

In addition to providing roadhouse services, accommodation is also available for those that need to stop over for the night.  This includes both a caravan park and overnight accommodation.

Be prepared to wait..

Minilya Bridge Roadhouse cars waiting

Like other roadhouses on the North West Coastal Highway, Minilya Bridge Roadhouse can get extremely busy over peak periods, hence be prepared to wait when lining up for fuel.

More Information

More information at Minilya Bridge Roadhouse can be obtained by visiting their website at or via phone on (08) 9948 5153.

Telephone tower at Minilya Bridge Roadhouse
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