Wagoe Beach (Kalbarri): A Fishing Paradise!

Wagoe Beach is a popular land based fishing spot located south of Kalbarri, Western Australia.

Wagoe Beach land based fishing spot south of Kalbarri WA

Fishing at Wagoe

With a massive reef drop off on the beach, a few minutes from the the chalets, Wagoe provides some awesome land based fishing opportunities! Known as one of the best land based spots in the mid west this spot is definitely worth a look.

What fish can you catch at Wagoe?

There are a heap of different species to catch at Wagoe. Depending on the type of fishing your doing and what depth will determine what type of fish you catch.

If you’re ballooning out big baits or working lures then you’re like to catch Spanish Mackerel and other mackerel species, Tuna, Samson Fish, Sharks and many other type of pelagic species.

If you’re fishing on the bottom of mid water then you can pick up some larger species such as Snapper, Bluebone and Mulloway. Or if you’re on the lighter tackle then bread and butter species such as Flathead, Bream, Whiting, Tailor, Dart and Herring can also be caught.

What is the best time to fish at Wagoe Beach?

As Wagoe faces the open ocean ideal conditions would be a low swell with easterly winds. The low swell will ensure the is minimal wash coming up over the reef and the easterly winds are ideal to help drift your baits out from the shore into the deep, particular if you’re ballooning.

Usually, like most of the WA coast you’ll get the easterlies in the morning with the winds switching onshore later in the arvo, hence fishing in the morning is the best bet. Or alternatively if the wind and swell isn’t too bad then fishing on sunset usually does well.

What fishing techniques to use?

Depending on the type of fish you’re targeting, or the gear you have they’re are a number of different techniques to use.

The most common method is surf fishing, or to put it in other words using rods and reels that are capable of casting your baits out over the reef and long enough to keep your line up out of the swell. For those that are a little more experienced then ballooning or drone fishing off Wagoe will definitely pay off!

Ballooning off WAgoe Reef

Ballooning has always been a popular fishing method for anglers chasing the bigger pelagics at Wagoe.

Using helium balloons combine with offshore winds (easterlies) allows you to easily skip out baits along the surface to entice the likes of Spanish Mackerel, Tuna or another other large predator type species.

Don’t have helium? Not to worry… as the reef drops off sharply, if the winds are right you can also get a decent drift going with a balloon filled with standard air, or some even use exhaust gas.

Drone fishing at Wagoe

Another popular fishing technique used at Wagoe is Drone fishing. Using a remote controlled drone, fisherman fly out and bomb baits down out in the deep. Check out he below video from Land2Air fishing who switch from ballons to Drones to get their baits out wide…

If you’re looking for more fishing spots in the Kalbarri area be sure to head over to our Fishing in Kalbarri page.

Walking the reef – remember your rock hoppers!

Although the reef provides an awesome platform to fish it can also get quite slippery and dangerous if you fall over.

Reef shoes used for land based fishing

To be on the safe side and to ensure you don’t get your feet cut up from oyster shells or sharp reef edges be sure to wear appropriate foot wear on the reef.

Depending on the conditions and the swell it’s not uncommon to be able to walk to the edge of the reef and fish of it. However, just be mindful that as per the videos above the odd king waves can come through so always have your wits about you.

Quad bike tours at Wagoe

If you’re looking for something different then why not give quad biking a go. With different tour options to suit, the crew at Wagoe Beach Quad Bike Tours provide some awesome adventures to be had.

Operating from the farm you can go on quad bike of dune buggy tours along the beach and up through the dunes…they even offer a sunset tour.

Compared to others tours this is relatively cheap and has a pretty gone reputation so be sure to check them out.

How to get to Wagoe

Wagoe Beach is located approximately 6hrs north of Perth, of 20kms south of Kalbarri.

The most common or direct way to Wagoe Beach is via the Wagoe Homestead. Although you have to pay to stay there, once you’re there you can drive your 4×4 down to beach and be fishing off the reef within minutes.

However, if you’re coming up from Lucky Bay then you can get to Wagoe by driving your 4×4 along the coast.

Where to stay at Wagoe?

When it comes to accommodation your main option, well only option is to stay at the Wagoe Homested which offer both chalet and camping accommodation options. For more info check out the Wagoe Homestead’s website.

Alternatively, as it’s only 20kms from Kalbarri then staying at Kalbarri is another option by where you can drive down and visit Wagoe for the day.

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