Turtle Rock (Coral Bay), Western Australia

Turtle Rock is located south of Coral Bay, just north of 14 Mile Beach Camp.  As per its name, this coastal outcrop provides a nice elevated rocky platform for visitors to look out for turtles cruising around the area.

Looking toward Turtle Rock Coral Bay
Turtle Rock, Coral Bay – Western Australia

When is the best time to visit Turtle Rock?

In my opinion, the best time to visit turtle rock is around low tide with easterly winds and preferably low swell.  The reason I say this is that the low tide ensures there is less depth of water allowing the turtles to be more visible.  In addition, the easterly wind blowing off the land helps reduce the chop on the water providing calmer conditions.

How to get to Turtle Rock?

track up to Turtle Rock Coral Bay
4WD track to Turtle Rock, Coral Bay

Unfortunately, to get to Turtle Rock you’ll need a 4WD.  Heading south along the 4WD coastal track toward 14 mile beach camp, you’ll see a small sign with “Turtle rock” on it.  Take a right down towards the coast up over the hill and you’ll soon reach Turtle Rock.

If you’re heading north from Warooa station, then as you head past 14 Mile Beach camp keep driving for 10-15 mins until you see a small sign on your left for Turtle Rock.

Be careful

spray coming up over Turtle Rock Coral Bay

Although the rocky platform is great for seeing turtles, this platform is also exposed to the open ocean hence you need to be aware of large swells and water surges coming up over the rocks.  When we were there although the water conditions were quite good, there was still a large swell causing water to spray up over the rocks.  Hence, if you’re there with kids, always be mindful of where they are and keep them away from the edge.

Photos of Turtle Rock

Below are a couple of additional photos of Turtle Rock south of Coral Bay.

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