Steep Point (Near Shark Bay) – Western Australia

Steep point is named after the steep cliffs where the sea waves crash onto the rocky shore. Only accessible via 4WD, Steep Point is popular spot for 4WD enthusiasts and fisherman within the Shark Bay area.

Steep Point near Shark Bay in Western Australia
A view of some of the larger cliffs at Steep Point

Fishing in Steep Point

Steep Point is best known for its excellent land based game fishing.

What Fish you can catch at Steep Point?

The deep waters of Steep Point provide an excellent area for targeting your big hard going pelagic species. These include Spanish Mackerel, Tuna, Giant Trevally and believe it or not Sailfish.

Additional to your pelagic species, Steep Point is also home to some fantastic reef dwelling species including Baldchin Grouper and Pink Snapper.

What equipment do you need for fishing at Steep Point?

If your fishing off the cliffs at Steep Point then you will want to be some what experienced and you will also need suitable gear for land based game fishing especially. For cliff fishing such equipment includes:

  • land based game fishing gear including a rod that has enough length to clear the cliff edges and a reel that is geared for hard running fish
  • Fishing gimbal belt and hardness (A big help when you’re locked into a big fighting fish)
  • A cliff gaff with plenty of rope (This is dropped down the line then over the fish’s head)

If you do choose to fish off Steep Point always ensure you exercise extreme caution has this can be a dangerous place. Also ensure that children are supervised at all times.

Fishing Videos from Steep Point

Can you see Whales off Steep Point?

Yes, during the spring months remember that there may be whales in the area so keep your eyes peeled!

How do you book at Steep Point?

There are a couple of campsites at Steep Point that are run by Parks and Wildlife Service. These are “The Oven”and “Faultine”. For more information check out the links below:

Location Map

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