Salmon Holes (Albany), Western Australia

Salmon Holes is a scenic beach surrounded by a large granite rock and dune landscapes.

Salmon Holes in Albany Western Australia
Salmon Holes near Albany, Western Australia

Fishing at Salmon Holes

Salmon Holes is a well known Albany fishing spot and often produces a number of different species including Herring, Tailor, Flathead, Garfish, Whiting and Mulloway. Salmon holes is also a well known fishing spot for Salmon, especially during the annual Salmon migration.

There are a couple of different spots to fish from at Salmon holes, these being along the beach or off the rocks.

During the Salmon season a number of you’ll find a number of anglers heading to the rocks as with the shape of the bay casting from the rocks can make it easier to reach the schools that come into the beach.

However, when fishing from there I’ve found that when the Salmon are in the beach area can be just as productive.

Be safe

Although fishing off the rocks can be rewarding it can also be extremely dangerous too hence it’s really important to ensure you take the appropriate safety precautions before venturing out. These include:

  • Ensure you have a life jacket on
  • Fish with friends rather than alone
  • Use appropriate safety equipment including shoes with plenty of grip and safety ropes to tie yourself to the rock safety points
  • Advise someone of your plans
  • Observe the rock area first for a while to get to know where and how high the waves surge over the rocks

For more information on how to keep safe when rock fishing, check out our fishing safety page.

Location Map

Salmon Holes is approximately 22kms from Albany via Frenchman Bay Road.

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