Pilgramunna (Exmouth), Western Australia

Pilgramunna is a beautiful coastal spot located approximately 30kms south of the entrance to Cape Range National Park.

A Red Kangaroo at Pilgramunna Gorge in Cape Range National Park

Fishing at Pilgramunna

At Pilgramunna you can either fish from the beach of if you have a small tinny or kayak you can launch your vessel and head out into the bay for a fish.

If you walk north or south of the car park area at Pilgramunna you’ll find some nice rock ledges to fish from.

What can you catch at Pilgramunna?

There are a number of different species you can catch at Pilgramunna. These range from your typical bread and butter species up to your bigger, harder fighting species such as Barracuda, Queenfish, GTs, Bluebone and Bonefish.

What gear to use?

Depending on the fish your targeting the gear you’re going to use will vary, however if you fishing for the likes of Bluebone or other reef dwelling species then you will want to use the heavier gear with decent leaders giving you the strength to keep them out of the rocks.

Snorkelling at Pilgramunna

Can you snorkel at Pilgramunna? Yes, you certainly can. The bay of Pilgramunna is an ideal snorkelling spot for the family. With awesome shallow reefs within a short distance to the shore you are likely to see some amazing marine and coral life. Check out the video below of what you’ll likely to see snorkelling at Pilgramunna.

Note, if you’re snorkelling in the area ensure you stay safe and follow beware of the dangers in the area. That being that there can be large swells and strong currents at Pilgramunna, with waves breaking on the the rock ledges. Also keep an eye on on boats in the area and if you snorkelling near boats it’s always recommended to have a flag floating behind you so boaties are aware of you.

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Map of Pilgramunna

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