Oyster Reef (Exmouth), Western Australia

Oyster Reef is a popular land based fishing spot at the top of the Exmouth Cape in Western Australia.

To get there head towards the carpark at the end Mildura Wreck Rd. You can either park up at the car park and walk south down towards the Oyster Reef area or you can take a dirt track down towards the reef. However, this dirt road can get pretty boggy especially when wet so avoid heading down there after it’s been raining.

Fishing at Oyster Reef

If you have a fishing rod handy then it’s worth casting a line at Oyster Reef.

What can you catch at Oysters?

On a high tide this part of reef has a number of different fish species cutting through the reef to find a feed. It’s not uncommon to come across Queenfish, Spangled Emperor, Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally, small Shark and much more.

On days it’s firing anglers have even picked up Spanish Mackerel and Cobia off the back of Manta rays cruising through the area.

What gear to fish with at Oysters?

With the reef and shallow rock in the area, any surface type lures such as poppers, metal slices or plastics are definitely the way to go. If you’re chasing GT’s or those bigger speedsters then you want to look at running some heavier gear with anywhere from 50 – 80LB.

Remember your rock hoppers!

As the name says, the reef has a heap of oyster shells on it so ensure you have some rock hoppers or some closed footwear to avoid cutting your feet and to also protect yourself from the likes of stonefish.

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