Omeo Wreck (Coogee Beach), Western Australia

Only 25m from the shore. Omeo Wreck is a popular shore-based snorkelling spot located at Coogee Beach (Fremantle).

Omeo Wreck Coogee Perth WA
Aerial view of Omeo Wreck north of Coogee Beach, Western Australia

About Omeo Wreck

Omeo Wreck was once an iron steamship brought over from Newcastle, England in 1858.  During its time in Australia, it played a role in international trade, transporting cargo from Australia to overseas locations and between states.

In the early 1900s after the Omeo was converted to a coal hulk, it, unfortunately, come adrift when moored in Fremantle and as a result, washed up on the shores of Coogee Beach.

How to get to Omeo Wreck?

Omeo Wreck is located in North Coogee which is approximately 28km south of Perth CBD and can be accessed via car and public transport.

By car: To get there by car, your best bet is to head south on Cockburn Rd, take a right on Orsino Blvd, left down Perlinte View then onto Socrates Parade.

Once you arrive there is street parking available, however, this does get busy at times, hence if you can try to get there early.

After you’ve parked up can then take the wooden stairs that lead you from Socrates Parade, directly into the ocean where you can then swim out to the wreck.

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What is the parking like?

There is a decent amount of street parking available, though unfortunately like most popular Perth beaches, Omeo Wreck does get packed out, especially during the summer and in particular the summer school holidays.  Hence, if you do plan to drive to Omeo Wreck then try and head down early to secure yourself a spot not too far from the stairs.

When is the best time to visit Omeo Wreck?

As mentioned above, Omeo Wreck can get fairly busy during peak periods which are typically summer weekends, school holidays and public holidays, hence if you’re keen to visit Omeo Wreck keep this in mind and try to avoid these times.

When is the best time to snorkel at Omeo Wreck?

Like most Perth beaches, the weather conditions you want to look for are low swell and light offshore winds.  Especially the low swell and this will help with visibility if you plan to snorkel over the wreck or along the Coogee maritime trail.

Snorkelling at Omea Wreck

Omeo Wreck is well known as one of Perth’s popular snorkelling spots.  With the wreck so close to shore and with Coogee Beach being one of the calmer beaches within Perth, Omeo Wreck is ideal for those wanting to go for a leisurely snorkel with family and friends.

What are you likely to see? When you’re snorkelling over the wreck, apart from being able to view the remainders of the Omeo Wreck you are also likely to see a variety of different fish species, corals, starfish, molluscs, octopus, blue manna crabs and sometimes the occasional crayfish.

What else is there to see?

Omeo Wreck is actually the start, or a part, of the Coogee Maritime Trial.  Starting at the wreck, snorkellers and scuba divers are encouraged to head north along the wreck and then continue west, along the marina wall where there are a number of artificial reef structures and several different underwater artifacts for viewing.

More info: Coogee Maritime Trail – City of Cockburn

How deep is it at Omeo Wreck?

The water at Omeo Wreck is approximately 2-4m deep, depending on where you are over the wreck.  As expected the water is shallower on the beach side of the wreck compared to the west side of it.

Fishing at Omeo Wreck

Unfortunately, fishing is prohibited around the Omeo Wreck and in the Coogee Maritime trail area at all times.

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What facilities and services are at Omeo Wreck?

Facilities and services at Omeo Wreck include:

  • Lawn areas to sit and enjoy a picnic or gear up;
  • Tables undercover
  • Toilets and outdoor showers
  • Drink fountains
  • Access via stairs
  • Cafes and shopping centre nearby

Is Omeo Wreck kid friendly?

Yes, due to the shallow water and generally calmer waters in the area, Omeo Wreck and the surrounding beach area is considered a kid-friendly location.

Are there any cafes nearby?

Yes, fortunately, there are a couple of nice cafes nearby providing visitors access to coffee, refreshments and snacks.  If you enjoy your coffee then I’d recommend Dome, they do a great cappuccino!

Can you camp at Omeo Wreck?

No, unfortunately, camping is not permitted at Omeo Wreck.

What to take to Omeo Wreck?

To ensure you have a good time at Omeo I would recommend having the following with you:

  • Underwater camera or GoPro;
  • Snorkelling gear including fins, snorkel and mask;
  • Plenty of water and food for the duration of your visit;
  • Sunscreen and protective clothing.

Accommodation near Omeo Wreck

If you are planning a trip to Omeo Wreck and would like to search for accommodation use the link below:

Final thoughts

If you haven’t been to Omeo Wreck then I’d definitely add this to the list of places to visit.  Yes, it can get busy though if you time it right and arrive there early you’ll be fine.

Overall, we hope you’ve found this article on Omeo Wreck informative and of value.  If you did find this of value then please let us know in the comments below – thanks!

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