Lighthouse Bay (Exmouth), Western Australia

Lighthouse Bay is another fantastic fishing spot located within Exmouth, Western Australia.

A Queenfish caught at lighthouse bay in Exmouth
A Queenfish caught at Lighthouse Bay in Exmouth (Photo by Northern Addicts)

What can you catch at Lighthouse bay?

It’s great for Bluebone Grouper. You can also pick up other species such as Parrot fish, Spangled Emperor and Queenfish. If you’re targeting Bluebone rock crabs from the local area are a great bait.

When’s the best time to fish at Lighthouse Bay?

Best to fish on a high tide with low swell. With the high tide fish will come in exploring the reef and limestone rocky landscape looking for a feed. With the low swell you’ll have much better visibility which will allow you to see the deep areas to fish.

What’s the best bait and technique to use?

As rock crab inhabit the area, most locals will grab a couple of rock crabs as bait and put this out on a lightly weighted hook amongst the holes within the reef. Alternatively, soft plastics do quite well in the area too.

One thing to note is that Bluebone and the likes will go straight back into the reef once hooked which will be a test for your tackle. Hence, if you’re specifically targeting Bluebone in this area then be sure to have at least 50Lb main line with say a 100-120lb leader for withstanding the sharp edges of the reef.

How to get to Lighthouse Bay?

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