Gnomesville: Everything You NEED To Know Before Visiting (Locals Guide 2023)

Since living in Perth I’ve often heard people mention Gnomesville, a place that is inhabited by hundreds, if not thousands of gnomes!  Well with two younger sons, I thought we would see if we could drop in and pay this place a visit on the way back from a weekend down south.

Dockers at Gnomesville
There are even gnomes that go for the dockers!

Well, we were in luck and to be honest it was pretty cool to see! Check out the article below that tells you everything you need to know about Gnomesville south of Perth, Western Australia.

Where is Gnomesville?

Gnomesville is located a couple of hours south of Perth, on the corner of the roundabout junction of Ferguson Road and Wellington Mill Road in Wellington Mill, Western Australia.

It’s probably too far from Perth to justify the drive, however, if you’re driving down to the southwest region of WA, then Gnomesville is a perfect place to visit on the way down or back to Perth.

What’s the parking like?

car park at Gnomesville
Car park at Gnomesville, Western Australia

There is a half-decent car park located behind the gnomes along with some side-of-the-road street parking if need be.  

On the day we went there it was relatively quiet, hence there was plenty of parking though I can imagine that in school holidays it would get quite busy hence perhaps get there earlier or arrive later if you’re concerned about crowds.

What can you expect to see at Gnomesville?

Gnomes on a tree stump
Gnomes in a tree stump

Gnomes, gnomes and more gnomes!  As soon as you get out of your car you’ll be able to see the gnomes at the bottom of the car park.  

welcome to Gnomesville
Welcome sign at Gnomesville

If you head towards the gnomes you’ll soon come across the start of a path that will lead you through Gnomesville.

stream at Gnomesville
Bridge crossing over a stream at Gnomesville

As you walk down the path you’ll find yourself amongst a mass community of gnomes with no one area like the other.  

Gnomesville saloon
Gnomes with their own house!

There are sooooo many gnomes, all in different shapes, sizes and ages.  They are also positioned in different groups or themes, with some even having their own little houses!

Are there toilets at Gnomesville?

toliets at Gnomesville
Toliets at Gnomesville

Yes, there are toilets located at the end of the car park, not far from the entrance to Gnomesville.

Is it free to enter Gnomesville?

Yes, there is no cost to enter Gnomesville – it’s totally free to pull up and walk around.

Can you leave a gnome of your own?

Three crazy gnomes
The three gnomes we left behind… take a photo with one a win a prize!

Yes, you sure can!  When I visited with my sons we spent the morning painting a few gnomes before visiting and finding them a home under the bridge.

Let us know what characters you think they are in the comments below! Yes, the first one on the left is easy to guess though perhaps not the other too.

Final thoughts on Gnomesville

A bunch of gnomes on a tree stump at Gnomesville

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect when visiting, though to be honest I found the whole experience to be fun and enjoyable.  

My two sons had a great time walking around checking out all the different gnomes, not to mention finding a place to put our gnomes.

If you have the time I’d definitely recommend checking it out, especially if you have kids as they would love exploring Gnomesville:)

Photos of Gnomesville

Below are a few more photos to give you an insight into what to expect when visiting Gnomesville, Western Australia.

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