Ultimate Guide to Blue Holes in Kalbarri, Western Australia

Located close to Kalbarri, Blue Holes is a fantastic snorkelling and swimming spot providing an aquarium like experience full of beautiful corals and marine life.

Blue Holes snorkelling and swimming area in Kalbarri Western Austalia

About Blue Holes

Known for its legendary limestone reef system, Blue Holes is classed as a Fish Habitat Protection Area making it a great habitat for a number of fish species, crustaceans and even Rock Lobster! These include, though not limited to wrasse, dart, butterfly fish, herring, Tailor to name a few. There is also a selection of different sponge and coral species to see.

Reef exposed at Blue Holes in Kalbarri Western Australia

Also, if you do go for a walk along the dunes its worth while watching out for snakes as there have been a couple spotted in the area.

Like other WA coastal beaches, the wind often turns onshore and picks up in the afternoon so if you want to experience calm clear waters it’s best to head down in the morning when the winds are offshore.

Small lagoon within Blue Holes at Kalbarri

The rocks surrounding the reef and the rock pools can be very sharp so it’s advised to wear reef shoes when entering or exploring the area.

How to get there

Blue Holes is a 5 min drive south out of town along the Red Bluff Road, or alternatively for those who feel like walking or riding, you can get there via the Melaleuca walking trail (Around 2kms along the track from Kalbarri town).


There are two picnic tables for those that are wanting to rest whilst the rest of the family head out for a snorkel, or perhaps a nice place to sit and have lunch. There are also toilet facilities too.

Video of snorkelling the Blue Holes in Kalbarri

Below is a video of a visitor snorkelling the Blue holes in Kalbarri.

GoPro footage of snorkelling at Blue Holes in Kalbarri

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you fish at Blue Holes?

Note, Blue Holes is a a protected sanctuary so there is no fishing allowed. Refer to the fishing in Kalbarri page if you’re keen to catch a feed.

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