Farshad’s Landbase Fishing

Farshad is a Western Australian fisherman who takes land-based fishing to another level. With his expertise in fishing, combined with his knowledge of Western Australia, Farshad takes you on fishing adventures like no other!

Farshad landing a massive yellowtail kingfish in WA’s southwest region.

Farshad explores fishing destinations all along WA’s coast, from the rocky cliffs of the southwest all the way up through the northwest to amazing land-based locations such as Quobba. He even heads inland to fish some of the remote waterways of the southwest.

During his fishing adventures, he targets a number of different species. This includes fishing for the elusive mulloway from Perth’s northern beaches, targetting massive blue groper, hooking epic land-based spanish mackerel, and landing some powerful yellowtail kingfish.

If you’re keen to be taken on some amazing fishing adventures then be sure to head over to Farshad’s Youtube channel and subscribe today!

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