Yanchep National Park (Perth), Western Australia

Located approximately 50kms north of Perth, Yanchep National Park is a great day trip for those in Perth that wish to getaway for the day and relax with friends and family in a beautiful setting.

From of the wetlands from the picnic area at Yanchep National Park

Things to do at Yanchep National Park

Whether you’re keen to just relax and take in the ambience of the area of you wish to be a little more active there are a number of things to do whilst visiting Yanchep National Park.

Walking trails

There are several great bush walking trails from within the National Park. When I was visiting we only did the small trail around the wetlands, however it was definitely worth the walk and with only being 2kms long this is perfect for those that have kids.

Check out the Kangaroos

I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few kangaroos within the park. Although it’s not recommended to get too close they seem more than happy for you to walk up and watch them from a distance.

Visit the Koalas

After spending some time with the kangaroos at the park we thought we would venture on to checking out the koalas. These were fantastic to see and seemed very content and happy in their environment (especially after having a big feed of eucalyptus leaves!)

Yanchep Inn & Anzac Memorial area

For those that are interested, I’d also recommend checking out the the Anzac Memorial area outside of the Yanchep Inn. This is a nice relaxing area to rest and remember all of those who lost their lives during WW1.

Enjoy a nice picnic near the lake

After our walk and other activities within the park we thought we would enjoy a nice picnic. This was very enjoyable though a word of warning, keep an eye on the ducks in the park…they can be quite friendly especially when you have food with you!

Yanchep National Park is a perfect picnic location
Picnic at Yanchep National Park

Videos of Yanchep National Park

To help provide an insight into what Yanchep National Park is like, I’ve put together a playlist of short videos.

Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve put together some FAQs should you need further information on Yanchep National Park, or alternatively visit the explore WA Parks page for more info.

How much does it cost to go to Yanchep National Park?

It costs $15 per vehicle to enter Yanchep National Park. For more information

Are dogs allowed at Yanchep National Park?

No. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed at Yanchep National Park.

Can you camp at Yanchep National Park?

Yes, there is a purpose built campground at Yanchep National Park.

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