Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia

Natures window at Kalbarri National Park
The famous Nature’s window

Kalbarri National Park is approximately 150kms north of Geraldton of 40kms drive from Kalbarri. The national park is based around the Murchison River. Overtime this river has cut over 80kms of stunning gorge with has formed beautiful natural attractions.

Popular attractions include the loop, Nature’s window, Hawks Head and Z-Bend. Additional to this, to capture amazing views of the gorge visitors can venture out on the Skywalk. Two magnificent bridge like structures hangs over the edge of the gorge by up to 25m and sit approximately 100m high from the river bed.

Location Map

The national park is located approximately 600kms north of Perth which is around a 7 hour drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What attractions can you see in Kalbarri National Park?

Within the park there are a number of fantastic natural attraction to visit. These include the famous Skywalk, Natures Window and the Z bend. For more information and a video of the Sky Walk check out our Kalbarri – places to visit page.

How much does it cost to enter Kalbarri National Park?

The cost to enter the park is $15 per vehicle per day or if you are entitled to a concession rate then this is $8 per day. For information on the park and entry fees can be found on the Parks and Wildlife website.

How far is the national park from Kalbarri?

The national park is located 37kms east of the town of Kalbarri. This is a comfortable 25-30 min drive.

Is the Natures Window in the National Park?

Yes, attractions such as Natures Window, the Skywalk and Z bend are all located within the national park. Once you pay your entry fee to the park you will be able to access all these attractions for free.

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