Marron Fishing in Wellington Dam, WA

Although a little later in the season as hoped, after sorting out a few days off work my best mates and I were able to get away to Potters Gorge for the 2021 Marron season.

This year around we thought we would try snaring in the trophy waters of Wellington Dam rather than throwing nets in the lower rivers.

Campsite set up at Potters Gorge, Wellington Dam

After setting up camp at Potters Gorge we headed down to the banks of the dam around sunset and laid out some chook pellets as bait to try and bring the marron in.

Sunset at Wellington Dam (Potters Gorge)

Before we knew it night was upon us and the marron started walking into the shallows. Armed with some brand new marron snares (Bought from Max and the guys at Diamond Networks in O’Connor) the snaring soon began.

Although they we pretty small we were lucky enough to get a few sized to take back to the campsite for a feed. Overall it was an awesome couple of days and my two boys had a ball – definitely recommend marroning to anyone that hasn’t done it before!

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