Exmouth Marina, Western Australia

The Exmouth Marina is a brilliant marine facility located south of the coastal town of Exmouth. Stretching over 5 hectares the Exmouth Marina comprises both the harbour, supporting facilities and residential canals.

Exmouth marina western australia
The residential canals at Exmouth Marina, Western Australia

Facilities at Exmouth Marina

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There are a number of great facilities and services at Exmouth Marina. These include:

  • A fish cleaning table
  • A recreational boat ramp with ample parking (More info can be found here)
  • Toilets and showers
  • Oil disposal facilities
  • A fishing platform

Fishing at Exmouth Marina

If you’re looking for a decent land based fishing spot in Exmouth then the outer walls and inner canal walls are worth a cast.

What can you catch at Exmouth Marina?

The rocky walls of the marina breakwaters and the pylons of the jetties within provide ideal structure for fish to inhabit. Fish species caught in and around the marina include Trevally, Bream, Herring, Queenfish and if you’re lucky some anglers have caught Mangrove Jack there.

If you’re out fishing from the marina wall then keep an eye out for bait balls as it’s not uncommon for the pelagics to move in and try to herd up schools of baitfish against the wall. If you see this happen then get a metal slice or popper out there asap to see if you can entice what is hunting down below.

In Addition to fish, squid can also be caught from in and around the marina.

How to get to Exmouth Marina?

Exmouth Marina is located approx 2kms south of Exmouth (Approx 1,200kms north of Perth, WA).

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