Woodman Point Ammo Jetty (Coogee – Perth), Western Australia

Located within the Woodman Point Regional Park, Woodman Point Ammunition Jetty (aka Ammo Jetty) is known as a popular fishing, swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling spot in Perth.

Woodman Point Ammo Jetty in Coogee Western Australia
Woodman Point Ammo Jetty in Coogee, Western Australia

How to get to Woodman Point Ammo Jetty?

Ammo Jetty, residing in the Woodman Point Regional Park is located in Coogee, which is 32 km south of Perth.

By car: If you’re driving to Ammo Jetty then your best bet is to head towards Coogee Marina via Cockburn Rd and then continue south along the coast until you reach the turn-off to Nyyerbup Cir.  If you head down to Nyyerbup Circuit, you’ll then reach the main car park.

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What is the parking like?

You’ll be pleased to know there is ample parking at Woodman Point Ammo Jetty.  As you drive down Nyyerbup Circuit you’ll then have the option of a smaller car park to the left or a larger one to the right.  If it’s not that busy, then most park in the left car park as it’s a little closer to the walkway through to the jetty.

When is the best time to visit Woodman Point Ammo Jetty?

Ammo Jetty can get fairly busy during peak periods such as school holidays and the weekends, especially during the summer months.  Hence, if you’re keen to avoid the crowds then best to avoid these times.  In addition, heading down early before the crowds is always a good option.

What weather conditions are best for Ammo Jetty?

Like most Perth beaches that are facing west, the ideal weather conditions for visiting Ammo Jetty is a light offshore wind with a low swell.

Snorkelling at Woodman Point Ammo Jetty

Ammo Jetty is known as one of the popular snorkelling spots around Perth. In addition, it’s also popular with scuba diving too.  This is due to the fact that the jetty pylons provide the perfect environment for marine life in the area to take refuge and call home.  With this in mind, many visitors in the area like to chuck their masks and fins on and head out snorkelling or diving in and around the jetty.

A word of warning though, as the jetty is also known as a great Perth fishing spot if you’re snorkelling or diving in and around Ammo Jetty it’s best to stay directly under the jetty rather than swimming out along the edges where fisherman may have their line in the water.

What are you likely to see? When you’re snorkelling at Ammo Jetty you’re likely to see various fish species, starfish, molluscs, octopus, squid and crabs.

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How deep is it at Ammo Jetty?

Ammo Jetty is approximately 8-9 metres at the end of the jetty.

Fishing at Ammo Jetty Coogee

Squid fishing at Ammo Jetty

Ammo is the ideal spot for those who want to cast a line. With a sizeable wide platform at the end of the jetty, there is plenty of room for you and your family to go for a fish.

Note, as the jetty is also known as a popular scuba diving spot, be sure to be mindful of who may be swimming below you and always best to cast out away from the pylons.

What are you likely to catch? When fishing at Ammo Jetty in Perth, you’re likely to catch your typical bread-and-butter species, such as herring, tailor, whiting and garfish.  However, saying this I have seen a number of larger species caught off the jetty including samson fish, salmon and even a spanish mackerel!

In addition to catching fish, Ammo Jetty is also known as a decent squid fishing spot too.

Spanish Mackerel caught whilst fishing from Ammo Jetty

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What facilities and services are at Ammo Jetty?

Facilities and services at {place} include:

  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Drink fountains
  • Picnic areas
  • A kiosk for drinks and light snacks
  • BBQ facilities

Is Ammo Jetty kid-friendly?

Yes, Ammo Jetty is suitable for kids, your children will love it here.  With the calmer waters of the area and the big platform of the jetty, whether you’re keen to take the kids swimming, snorkelling or perhaps fishing, then Ammo Jetty makes an ideal location.

Is Ammo Jetty wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Ammo Jetty is wheelchair accessible, providing those with wheelchairs the opportunity to head out onto the jetty platform.

Can you camp at Ammo Jetty?

No, unfortunately, camping is not permitted at Woodman Point Ammo Jetty.

What to take to Ammo Jetty?

To ensure you have a good time at Ammo Jetty I would recommend having the following with you:

  • Towels, bathers and a sunshade;
  • Underwater camera or GoPro;
  • Snorkelling gear including fins, snorkel and mask;
  • Plenty of water and food for the duration of your visit;
  • Sunscreen and protective clothing.

A new jetty is on the way!

Due to structural concerns about the jetty, the Department of Transport is in the process of upgrading the jetty.  Check out the video above and the link below for more information:

Accommodation near Ammo Jetty

If you are planning a trip to Ammo Jetty and would like to search for accommodation in the area be sure to check out booking.com where you can find accommodation in the Coogee area (near Ammo Jetty).

Final thoughts

I hope you find this write-up on Woodman Point Ammo Jetty informative and of value.  Both myself, family and friends always enjoy ourselves when visiting Ammo Jetty, hence I hope you do too.  If you think there is anything we haven’t covered above that you would like included, please contact us to let us know.

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