Jurien Bay Jetty, Western Australia

The Jurien Bay Jetty is a popular attraction located in Jurien Bay, Western Australia (approximately 220 km north of Perth). 

The Jetty at Jurien Bay in Western Australia

How to get to Jurien Bay Jetty

The Jurien Bay Jetty is within walking distance of the Jurien Bay town.

About the Jetty

The jetty is a well-known spot for both Jurien locals and visitors to the area. 

The jetty is a great place to go fishing, swimming, and to enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean.

There is a variety of marine life present and active around the jetty, making it a great fishing spot, especially for squid fishing in the evening.

Visitors can also enjoy the stunning views of the sea, and take some memorable photos.

The jetty is approximately 160 metres in length, with a height of 2.2m and a width of 3m making it perfect for a.1.5 km long and is a great place to take a leisurely walk. 

Visitors can enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and the stunning views of the ocean. During the summer months, the jetty and the beach area is also popular spot for water-based activities such as swimming or snorkelling.

There are several amenities available at the jetty. Visitors can find restrooms, picnic tables, and BBQ facilities around the jetty and main beach area. 

The jetty is also wheelchair accessible, making it suitable for everyone. 

There is plenty of parking available, and visitors can easily find a spot to park their car. The jetty is also conveniently located not far from the town and adjoining cafes, where visitors can enjoy a meal or a drink after a day of exploring.

In conclusion, if you’re visiting Jurien Bay, then we’d recommend taking the time to check out the jetty and the surrounding area.

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