Broome Jetty (Wharf), Western Australia

Broome Jetty (aka Broome Wharf) is a heritage-listed jetty located in Roebuck Bay within Broome, Western Australia.

broome jetty wharf in western australia

This long timber structure with a cast iron caisson and creosoted piles was designed by G C Hill and built in 1902 to serve the growing pearl shell industry. In 1916 a second stage was added along with a steam winding engine that could handle 45 tons.

Broome was a major supply base for the Commonwealth during World War I when pearling activities declined. In 1927, pearl shelling stopped and Broome became the main suppliers of shell from the North West Shelf to Japan. During WW2, Japan interned all non-essential personnel in Broome and much damage was done by bombing . After the defeat of Japan, Broome was virtually abandoned until the 1960s when oil exploration in the region increased.

The structure was classified by the National Trust in June 1969 and placed permanently on the Register of Heritage Places in May 1995.

It features a large timber pier that provides deep water berthing for vessels engaged in offshore petroleum exploration or fishing activities via an enlarged opening at its seaward end built for this purpose. Oil rig supply boats are moored to both sides of this pier while fishing trawlers are tied up along its landward side.

Fishing off Broome Jetty

On high tide the Broome Jetty (Wharf) can provide some awesome fishing with species such as Spanish Mackerel, GTs and Tuna often caught off the Jetty.

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