Rowley Shoals, Western Australia

The Rowley Shoals is a destination like no other, the area is home to pristine reefs and white sand beaches.

Rowley Shoals in Western Australia
Example of the beautiful reef at Rowley Shoals

With opportunities for fishing, diving, snorkelling and exploring; there are endless possibilities for adventure in Western Australia.

Rowley Shoals is characterised by its diversity of marine life that includes whales, dolphins, turtles, and migrating birds and two migrating species which make these waters their annual home.

Fishing at the Rowley Shoals

Fishing the Rowley Shoals is up there as one of the best experiences a fisherman can have which makes the Rowley Shoals one of the must fishing destinations for any keen angler!

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What can you catch at the Rowley Shoals?

Being 260kms off the Kimberley coast, the different type of species you can catch at Rowley Shoals is endless. Being positioned on the edge of the continental shelf ensures access to some massive big game species and hunting pelagics including billfish such as Sailfish and Marlin, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel and massive Giant Trevally.

Where is the Rowley Shoals?

The Rowley Shoals are about 260kms west of Broome. It takes approximately 12 hours to get there via boat. You’ll need to stay on a liveaboard boat for at least 1-2 nights to make the most of it.

Can I take my own boat to the Rowley Shoals?

Yes, you can take your own boat to Rowley Shoals, however to protect the reef in the marine park, boat owners must use the public moorings.

This moorings are located on the outer edge of the reefs and inside the reef lagoons which can be accessed via the navigation channels.

Where can I find information about the Rowley Shoals?

For more information on Rowley Shoals visit the DPWA website.

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