Fishing the Dampier Archipelago Islands

There are great fishing opportunities on the Dampier Archipelago islands as the weather is favorable and there is plenty of fish you can catch. You can enjoy the fishing even with a small boat of around 3.7m+. You can go into the shallow creeks and bays with small boats. You are going to find Queenfish, Cod, Trevally, and Emperor. Other fishes you can find here are Coral Trout, Tuskfish, and Tuna.

Video clip of fishing around Karratha and Dampier Islands

The islands are surrounded by many other species of shallow-water fishes you can hunt for. This area is also best for bottom fishing. Tides can be very important for fishing as the incoming and outgoing tides are going to affect the fishing and your boating activities. Unless you have a tide app, best you keep a book of upcoming tides with you all the time.


Apart from fishing, the Dampier Archipelago Islands also offer some awesome spearfishing! Check out the below video for an insight to what you can catch while spearfishing the islands:

Spearfishing at Dampier Archipelago Islands, Western Australia
Compilation of Spearfishing at Dampier Archipelago, Karratha
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