Diving and Snorkelling at the Dampier Archipelago islands!

The Dampier Archipelago islands are rich with marine wildlife. There is an awesome array of marine life along with different kinds of coral reefs on display at all times.

Snorkelling in north west western australia

You can also come across large pelagic fish and reef sharks cruising through the islands. If you’re into photography, this place offers a great opportunity for divers and underwater photographers so definitely pack the go pro!.

There is always new scenery to watch underwater. There are many scuba diving spots, which are perfect for both new and experienced divers. These islands offer the best view above and underwater making it a paradise for tourists. You can watch dolphins and humpback whales from May to October as the water cools down and the visibility increases. You can watch humpback whales in winter, which is the best time for snorkelling and diving.

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