Boating Guide for the Dampier Archipelago Islands, Western Australia

There are no ramps on the islands and the public boat ramps are located at Dampier, Karratha Back Beach, Johns Creek, Point Samson, and Cossack. If you’re boating in this area, due to it’s remote location its recommended that you have all the necessary safety equipment with you at all times, including a good quality radio, flares, Epirb and life jackets.

Dampier Archipelago in Karratha Western Australia
Dampier Archipelago in Karratha Western Australia

You can sail in the shallow waters for fishing or you can enjoy boating on the coasts of these islands. There are some islands, which are off-limits. There are a few Islands you can camp on the most of the islands can only be visited. The weather is pleasant all the year, which makes it a perfect spot to visit for boating and fishing.

If you’re after a nice feed, or want to chat to some locals check out the Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing Club.

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