Dampier Archipelago Islands: A fishing Paradise!

The Dampier Archipelago Islands is made up of forty two amazing coastal islands. These islands are located on the coast of Dampier and Point Samson in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

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The Dampier Archipelago islands offer an amazing environment for fishing, boating, diving, camping, and all other activities a tourist needs.

There is a vast variety of marine and land wildlife that call these islands home. The islands are the nesting ground for loggerhead, flatback, green, and hawksbill turtles. If you’re lucky enough to be boating in the area it’s not uncommon to see whales, dolphins, turtles and other amazing marine life frolicking on the water.

Dampier Archipelago- Pilbara Landscape Compilation

These islands are also an important spot for refuge and breeding birds. You can find more than 26 species of land, shore, and sea birds, which makes it a heaven for birdwatchers.

Where are the Dampier Archipelago Islands?

The Dampier Archipelago islands are located around 45 km out from the town of Dampier, in the Pilbara region, Western Australia. There are a total of forty two island which are spread over an area of approximately 2,000km2.

Tell me about the different Dampier Archipelago Islands

The Dampier Archipelago Islands is made up of forty two islands.  Refer to the below list for more info on each island.

Collier Rocks

Known for its fishing, bird watching and diving, Collier Rocks is located approximately 33km NE of Dampier town.

Camping is permitted for those wanting to camp on the island, however there is no water or other camping facilities on the Island.  There are also no dogs allowed on Collier Rocks.

Getting to Collier Rocks

You can only get to Collier Rocks via a boat.  GPS coordinates for the island are: -20.4072, 116.851

For the latest information on this island, visit the Collier Rocks page within the Parks and Wildlife website.

Angel Island

Angel Island is another popular island within the Dampier Archipelago group of Islands.  It’s a popular day visit for those who enjoy their fishing and snorkelling.

It’s also okay to camp on the island, however you can only camp within 100m of the high tide mark.  If you are camping on the island it’s recommended that you take plenty of water as there is no water on the island.  There are also no rubbish facilities on the island so be sure to take your rubbish with you.

GPS location: -20.4924, 116.804

Malus Island

Malus Island is located 18km from Dampier.  Similar to Angel Island, camping is permitted for up to 5 nights and you can only camp within 100m of the high tide mark.  Day visits are also welcome at the Island, however besure to ensure you are in the appropriate recreation zone for day visits vs camping.

If you are camping on the Island open fires are not allowed hence it’s important to ensure you have a gas stove if you plan to cook on the Island.  There is also no water on the Island so ensure you carry plenty of water with you when visiting.

Dogs and domestic pets are not allowed on the Island.

GPS location: -20.5151, 116.68

Delambre Island

Delambre Island is another well known Island for diving and snorkelling. Similar to other Islands camping is permitted on the Island however there is no water available hence it’s important to bring plenty of water with you.  There are also no rubbish facilities so ensure you take your rubbish with you too.

The island is also known for its fishing so be sure to pack a rod with you.

GPS location: -20.4496, 117.078

Eaglehawk Island

Considered one of the smaller Islands within the Archipelago – Eaglehawk is Another great island for snorkelling and diving.  Like other Islands in the area camping is permitted though there is no water or rubbish facilities on Eaglehawk Island.

Fishing is permitted from the Island so be sure to pack a rod with you.

GPS location: -20.6603, 116.444

West Lewis Island

One of the larger Islands of the Archipelago, West Lewis Island is approximately 2.5km wide by 10kms long.

If you explore the east side Island you may come across some stone ruins that are believed to be from the 1880s.  These ruins are believed to be evidence of one an early pastoral settlement.  Visitors to the Island have also sighted Aboriginal rock engravings around the settlement.

Due to it’s size there are also some great snorkelling, fishing and swimming around the Island.

Camping is also permitted though restrictions apply and you must ensure you bring plenty of drinking water.

GPS: -20.5903, 116.627

Dolphin Island

Classified as a nature reserve, Dolphin Island is known for it’s birdwatching.  In Addition to this there are some nice spots for swimming and a spot of fishing.

No dogs are allowed on the island to protect the flora and fauna.

Camping is also allowed though there is a limit of a stay of five days.

GPS: -20.4807, 116.849

Enderby Island

Approximately 5kms wide by 12kms long, Enderby Island is considered as one of the larger Islands within the Archipelago.

Free camping is allowed on the island, however there is a five night restriction.  Fires are also prohibited on the island and there is no water or rubbish facilities.

Like the other islands, dogs are also not permitted.

Gidley Island

Gidley Island is no exception when it comes to those looking for some beautiful waters for diving, swimming and snorkeling.  It also offers some decent fishing and for those who want to camp up for the night you can stay there for up to five nights free of charge.

However if you do wish to camp be sure to remain within 100m of the high tide mark and make sure you bring plenty of water as there are no facilities on the island.

GPS location: -20.4532, 116.817

East Lewis Island

East Lewis Island is situated north-west of Dampier.  Host to one of the biggest hawksbill turtle rookeries in the world (if not the largest) this nature reserve is also home to over 100 different bird species that rest on the island during migration.

Apart from hosting one of the largest turtle rookeries and being home to 100s of bird species this island also offers some great spots for some beach combing, snorkeling, swimming and fishing.

As per the other islands with the archipelago the same camping restrictions apply.  That being a maximum of 5 nights and no water or rubbish facilities on the island.  Pets are also not allowed on East Lewis Island.

GPS location: -20.6117, 116.658

Rosemary Island

Suitable for day visits, Rosemary Island is a great spot for fishing, snorkelling, relaxing on the beach and for bird watching activities.

SImilar to the other islands, no water or rubbish facilities are on the island and pets are not allowed.

GPS location: -20.4805, 116.595

More Info about the Dampier Archipelago Islands

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