Perth Fish Towers

One of the newer artificial reefs within WA, the Perth Fish Towers were deployed in 2017. With their tower like structures, these reefs have been designed different to the reefs of the south west. Not only to attract the demersal fish species (such as Pink Snapper and Dhufish) these towers have been designed with pelagic species in mind too.

The top part of the structure has a lattice steel structure which attracts baitfish to inhabit. This in turn provides the perfect place for large predatory species (such as Spanish Mackerel, Samson Fish, Salmon and Tuna) to frequently visit for a feed.

Perth fish towers Western Australia
Perth fish towers – GPS Coordinates for both towers
  • GPS Coordinates for Tower 1
    • Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM): 32° 07’.527 S, 115° 27’.013 E
    • Decimal Degrees (DD): -32.12545, 115.450217
  • GPS Coordinates for Tower 2
    • Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM): 32° 07’.461 S, 115° 26’.978 E
    • Decimal Degrees (DD): -32.12435, 115.449633
  • Towers are 150m apart
  • Depth: 45 metres
  • Type: Lattice metal structure (x 2)

Location map

More information

The below video provides a summary of the artificial reef and an insight into the structure and size of each of the towers. More info about this reef can be found on the Artificial Reef page within the RecFishWest website.

Summary of the Perth Fishing Towers

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