Exmouth Artificial Reef

The Exmouth Artificial Reef is one of seven artificial reefs in Western Australia. Deployed in August 2018 this reef is the largest artificial reef to be deployed within Australian waters.

Since it’s deployment this reef has attracted a large number of fish species. There are also a number of amazing corals and sponges starting to grow on the different structures – in particular around the tall steel structures.

Exmouth Artificial Reef Map showing GPS Coordinates
Map of Exmouth Artificial Reef showing centre point coordinates

GPS Coordinates

  • Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM): 21° 54.938’S, 114° 11.235’E (Centre Point)
  • Depth: 17 metres
  • Type: Six metal reef towers with forty nine mixed concrete reef modules

Construction and layout

This reef is constructed of forty nine concrete modules and six massive steel structures. These steel structures and the concrete modules range in height from 1 – 10m and have been positioned within a 2 acre area.

Location map

This reef is located 6.45km North East of the Exmouth Marina located in the north west of Western Australia.

More information

The below video provides some good underwater footage of the Exmouth Artificial Reef. More information on about the deployment and it’s location can be found on the Artificial Reef page within the RecFishWest website.

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