Esperance Artificial Reef

Built with the support of the local community the Esperance Artificial reef is named Cooper reef. This was the name of a local champion called Graham Cooper.

Esperance Artificial Reef GPS Coordinates
Map of Esperance Artificial Reef (Including centre point GPS mark)

GPS Coordinates

  • GPS Coordinates
    • Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM): 33° 52.2638’S 121° 58.834’E (centre point)
    • Decimal Degrees (DD): -33.871064, 121.980567 (centre point)
  • Depth: 31 metres
  • Type: One hundred and twenty eight mixed concrete reef modules times six clusters

Reef Construction

Comprising of 150 tonnes of concrete, with 128 modules, the reef is made of up five clusters, with the GPS coordinates of the centre cluster provided below. The reef modules are made out of a number of different concrete moulds in all different shapes and sizes. Overall the Esperance artificial reef stretches over an area equivalent to five Olympic size swimming pools.

Fishing methods and what to catch

With the size and amount of modules in the water, its often for large schools of baitfish to hold up in the area. With this come pelagic predators such as bonito, tuna, samson fish and salmon. Therefore those who want to hook into some fast running pelagics, a spread of skirts or deep diving lures will do the trick.

If you’re into those bigger head thumping bottom based species such as pink snapper, nannygai, queen snapper or cod the drifting weighted mullies or other baits (such as squid) is likely to do well. Especially if you’ve got a decent burley trail on the go.

When it comes to anchoring or drifting then your best bet will be to try and get up wind and then get a slow drift over the reef area. Covering more ground will increase your catch rate.

Location map

The Esperance Artificial Reef is located 2.7NM (5km) south west of Band Creek Boat Ramp which is to the west of the Esperance town.

More information

For more information on how the reef was made and deployed, check out the video below from RecfishWest or alternatively have a read of the news article published after it’s deployment.

Have you fished this reef?

The team at MadMackie would love to hear if you’ve fished this reef and how you went? Would be great to see some photos too! If you have, please drop a comment below – thank you and we hope this information was useful.

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